C3-Bu Episode 13 and Final Impressions


Recap: The C3 club enters an airsoft themed beauty pageant/tournament.

Gee’s Thoughts: As I feared, the final episode of C3 is an entirely unsatisfying one. Focusing primarily on fanservice and cute girl antics, basically invalidating the penultimate episode. Low on BBs, Sonora (who for some reason, is still with the club) suggests they enter an airsoft themed beauty pageant/tournament. Basically it’s an excuse to show off the girls while being entirely self-aware of exactly what kind of show C3 set itself up to be in the beginning. Honestly, this episode has a tone entirely like the earlier ones, back when it was cute girls doing cute things (with guns) rather than the story of personal growth that dominated the latter half.


I think the worst part is that Yura barely plays a part in the episode. Not to shit on the rest of the cast, but in all honesty, I only kept watching the show this entire time for Yura’s character growth, so seeing the other girls doing their own thing wasn’t really that entertaining. I suppose all of Yura’s personal character arc had been neatly tied up by the previous episode, so it’s not as if we’ve been denied that much.

In the end, as a finale, it was an entirely unsatisfying one, but for those of you who got into C3 in the first place just expecting cute girls playing airsoft, I suppose it’s a perfect bookend to the series. Personally, I’m just going to convince myself that episode 12 was the true closer of the show and that 13 is basically the equivalent of BD-exclusive OVA or something.


Final Impressions

Overall, C3 was my sleeper hit of the season. Unassuming and unambitious, I had expected little more than K-On! with guns, confident I would drop the show within 1-2 episodes and move on with my life. Instead, I found a show with a surprising amount of heart and soul to it, even if covered in a moe-pandering shell. Yura is probably one of my favorite main characters of the year, showing that it is indeed possible to introduce an initially unlikable character and have her go through the classic journey of growth and rebirth. In between her time traveling and reality warping antics, we met a shy delicate girl and saw her transform into a confident young woman. Of the three shows I watched this season, if there’s anything C3 has beaten Yamato 2199 and Titan at, it was its ability to write a surprisingly engaging character arc. If you pretend the show ended at the 12th episode and you also have an anime with one of the most satisfying endings of the season.


That’s not to say C3 is perfect. The supporting cast was weak to the point where they existed solely to contribute to Yura’s growth. In addition, it still suffered from some of the classic pitfalls of anime of this genre, as seen with the final episode. While it might not sound like much, there were entire episodes that I merely tolerated. And in the grand scheme of things, with my initial expectations for this show at rock bottom, I would have been disappointed if I had expected anything more than cute girls doing cute things (with guns).

All said though, C3 was genearlly a positive experience for me. It didn’t revolutionize anything and it didn’t challenge me in the slightest, but it’s not like the show ever claimed it would. Airsoft antics, a great soundtrack, and one of the most surprisingly good character arcs in a long time turned C3 from moe fodder into something genuinely interesting.

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