C3-Bu Episode 9-10


Recap: After confessing to the truth, Yura undergoes some drastic transformations.

Gee’s Thoughts: Wow. So uh…the past couple of episodes have certainly take an unexpected turn. To be fair, C3 has been going in an interesting direction since episode 7, but it’s really quite something when you look at where the show is now compared to what everybody expected going into it. So in episode 9, Yura confesses and while the girls are disappointed in her behavior, they’re even more concerned with her extreme behavior during the 24-hour tournament. After all, the C3 club is basically K-On with guns. They simply want to have fun while playing airsoft, something Yura seems to be drifting further away from with every episode. When Rin refuses to admit to Yura’s cheating, basically forcing her to live with her guilt, things only get worse. Unable to reconciliate the events of the past few days and her own ambitions directly clashing with the club’s goals, Yura ends up leaving the C3 club.


Honestly this episode worked quite well in illustrating the fundamental difference between “casuals” and “tryhards,” the two derogatory terms for people on both ends of the scale. The C3 club simply wants to have fun, and even if they don’t win, is it truly so terrible? And at the same time, is winning truly everything? While Yura says that the club has made her a more confident outgoing person, it’s also warped her ideals and now she plays airsoft to win, rather than to have fun with her friends. Watching her gloomily practice indoors while the rest of the club has fun outside is a stark illustration of Yura’s changed personality. It’s an almost tragic metamorphosis.


With episode 10 however, it’s revealed that Yura has joined Rin and the Mesei Academy’s airsoft team. While you’d think Yura’s desire to improve and achieve victory would be a natural fit with the Meisei girls, her single-minded attitude rears its ugly head. We’ve seen it since the beach episode, but Yura’s continuously growing desire to become stronger and even better has become a detriment to her. On one hand, I find it a little unfortunate that the anime is saying that hard work is bad because you’ll lose all your friends, the scene between Rento and Yura is heartbreaking to watch.


In the end, Yura’s behavior grows increasingly self-centered, resulting in Rin ejecting her from the team. While Mesei’s team might be cold, they still rely on each other for support. To put it in FPS terms, Yura is the lone wolf player concerned with her K/D ratio but is otherwise bringing down the team due to her lack of concern for her teammates. Left without either airsoft or friends. Yura finally hits rock bottom. It’ll be interesting to see where things go from here. I predict that by the end, things will be patched up an Yura will start to return to her normal self once she realizes she doesn’t need to always win to impress her friends. That said, whether the path to recovery is a rocky one or not remains to be seen. Sonora’s been pretty distant as far as upperclassmen go and I have a feeling she may not necessarily let Yura back into the C3’s good graces as easily as some of the others will.

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