Blast of Tempest Episode 22

With the biggest revelation of the entire show out of the way, our two heroes are at a loss for what to do. Thankfully, a fire is lit under them by an unlikely Hanamura, and Evangeline is already in plans to defeat the Pillar of the Tree once and for all.

Blast of Tempest Episode 21

Yes, Aika is the Mage of Exodus. With this information out in the open Hakaze tells all. Despite the brandished swords of the end of last episode, Aika takes it all a little too well, deciding the only way to make things work is to create her death herself. Unable to let such a tragedy occur, Hakaze attempts to kill Aika herself in a mix of rage and sorrow.

Blast of Tempest Episode 14

Recap: After waking up, Mahiro finds that Yoshino and Hakaze have gone off on their own. Yoshino’s influence on her worries Samon, to the point that he wants him dead. While rumors of a Mage of Exodus get spun around, the couple happen to find a young man with the powers of the chaotic tree.

I had an option between framing Jun's head or gettin a gratuitous thigh shot. CLEARLY MY PRIORITIES ARE IN CHECK.

Blast of Tempest Episode 11

Recap: The war of words between Samon and Yoshino continues on. Meanwhile, the army is dealt a severe blow with Evangeline beaten and new fruits appearing. Who really did kill Mahiro’s sister?

Honestly if you think about it, the most menacing thing this guy can do is borrow your tank.

Blast of Tempest Episode 9

Recap: With the new revelation, Mahiro is quick to jump allegiances, his only trust in whoever can find Aika’s Killer. While Natsumura is taking out the army at large, Yoshino decides he will not allow the current state of affairs to remain, and fights Mahiro to prevent this story from becoming Hamlet and instead turning…

Blast of Tempest Episodes 2 and 3

Yoshino reveals the secret behind his magic to Mashiro just in time for him to get caught by Evangeline again. After she gets delt with, another mage enters the fray. Next episode, Yoshino fights the mage as Hakaze gives us a huge info dump. I suppose this stuff was good as world building but damn did it have to be so wordy?