Blast of Tempest Episode 22


Recap: With the biggest revelation of the entire show out of the way, our two heroes are at a loss for what to do. Thankfully, a fire is lit under them by an unlikely Hanamura, and Evangeline is already in plans to defeat the Pillar of the Tree once and for all.

Well, after all the action that happened last week, I suppose it is in the nature of Tempest to take a slight breather before we get into what I assume will be the climax of the entire story. With the manga ending in short time and so much of the questions answered, it seems all that’s left is to defeat the Tree and turn this story into the tragedy Aika always envisioned it would be. Still, with Tempest I’m never going to take their complete word about anything. I’m well prepared for the rug to be pulled under us.


It was definitely surprising to see Hanamura to be the one finally overwhelmed with the injustice of what happened to Aika. It really spoke to me how tired these protagonists are of whats going on around them. You can tell they just want a satisfying end to compensate for their suffering, and yet they are powerless to bring about that end.

Everything they do goes back to Aika, even contemplating this final fight. The flashback was by far one of my most favorite to date. It’s really humanizing to see these three act awkward upon their first meeting, testing each other’s boundaries, trying to keep just courteous enough for the situation. The thing I found most surprising was to see Aika looked genuinely shocked, as I’m pretty sure that’s a face we’ve never seen in any of her more mature flashbacks. I also applaud the BONES animation team for being able to redraw these characters to make me realistically believe they are supposed to be only a few years younger, both through a slight slimming and clearly more juvenile clothes.


With not as much to talk about this week I feel I should finally get around to complimenting the absolutely fantastic orchestral soundtrack that has backed Tempest since the very beginning. It has always created the perfect mood for every scene. While I may be biased in my enjoyment of a good orchestral, it definitely gives that extra umph to any battle scene or talkdown. With the final episodes coming up, all eyes are on Hanamura to defeat the tree, but kmon, we know there’s going to be more to it than that.

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