Hyouka Episode 14

Recap: Day 2 of the Kanya Festival! Can Mayaka finish her Manga Society duties in time to help in the Cooking Contest?

Iro’s Thoughts: I enjoyed this episode shamelessly – it was a lot of fun, and the plot continues to thicken. It also proved the old writing trick that adding a countdown can add tension to almost any situation.

Mayaka arrives at the Manga Society without the manga she so touted last episode – curiously, the vice president doesn’t seem all that haughty about it, but does assign her to poster duty, dooming her to busy work for most of the day. Meanwhile, the others go about their business before the cooking contest begins: Houtarou makes camp at the clubroom to man the booth and continue the trading quest, Satoshi goes about his student council duties, and Chitanda tries to get other clubs to stock the anthology. She gets some lessons from the Movie Club’s Irisu, who gives her the strategies she used on Houtarou just last arc.

The cooking contest proceeds, with Mayaka set to go last to give her time to arrive. Chitanda whips out her hidden cooking skills and creates several fabulous dishes, but unwittingly uses up nearly all the ingredients – when Mayaka finally arrives almost ten minutes late to her segment, she has only shrimp heads and some vegetables. Houtarou is able to get their attention from the club window and tosses Satoshi a bag of flour he got from the Sweets Club, completing the trading quest. Despite a problem with missing cooking utensils, Mayaka manages to uses this final ingredient to make a tempura dish at the last second, and nets the Classics Club the win.

But after all is said and done, the mystery remains: what happened to the ladle? Chitanda examines the cooking area and finds a note matching the ones from the Fortune Telling Booth, the A Capella Club, and the Go Club. The ladle has been stolen as well – the game is afoot.

Marlin’s Thoughts
Man, normally I wouldn’t think myself a sucker for KyoAni’s brand of cute girls being cute everywhere but Chii’s air-headed enthusiasm is just too infectious to ignore. She’s just an absolute Tour de Force as she makes the film director uncomfortable and cooks food like no one’s business. Houtarou, how are you not on that yet? Youth is wasted on the young. Not like youth isn’t being wasted by me every second but man, Houtarou, lock that up already. I also love that we actually have a real mystery on our hands. I’m still bankin’ on it being the sister screwin’ with him, but with another item missing you know he’s gonna just get flashed with Chii’s magic eyes and go with it anyway.

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