Incoherent Babble Episode 3: Risqué Edition

Incoherent Babble returns, this time with a brand new lineup, as old timers Zigg and Iro are joined by fresh young pups Lifesong and Marlin Clock to talk about Blue Exorcist, Anohana, BlazBlue and our main topic this week, fanservice in anime.

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Show notes after the jump

1:00 – We talk about what we’ve been watching recently. Life endorses Campione, Marlin is all about Kokoro Connect, Zigg talks smack about Blue Exorcist and Iro manages to muster some enthusiasm for Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

19:30 – News, in which Zigg demonstrates that his Japanese pronunciation is even worse than his english, and we talk about Anohana and recap movies, Blazblue and Persona

34:19 – Battle Lines Drawn! Wherein we discuss, and argue over, a topic of the week. This week’s debate – Fanservice in anime, what’s good and bad about it, why it’s here to stay and what could be done to make it less obnoxious.

1:16:25 – Parting Shots

Music used this week – ‘D.City Rock!’ by Teddy Loid feat. Debra Zeer (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt), ‘All You Need is Love’ by The Beatles. Intermission clip from Azumanga Daioh episde 14

One thought on “Incoherent Babble Episode 3: Risqué Edition


    I just want to note that several of the Blazblue releases came out a lower price point. The ones that have new story modes have been at full price, and considering how substantial Blazblue’s story is I am OK with that.

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