Tari Tari Episode 7

They really don't want me joking in my alt text, do they?

Recap: Wakana commits to the Choir and Sometimes Badminton Club just in time for some unfriendly competition with the original Choir club. Meanwhile, the group is trying to figure out their after graduation plans and Sawa seems to be struggling the most.

Jel’s Thoughts: OK, someone back me up on this one. Am I taking things too seriously here or are they implying Sawa is developing some kind of eating disorder? The image of a teenage girl refusing to eat, throwing up in the bathroom, then checking her weight has some pretty powerful implications. The show did just deal with grief and losing a parent in very mature, natural way and if they want to go down that road then I applaud the effort. I don’t know if that’s a topic I’d ever even dream of an anime taking on, so more power to them if they can pull it off.

If that is NOT the direction we’re headed however, I have to say that particular scene comes off a little insensitive. Like I said, you put that kind of imagery together and you can’t help but think the worst. I hope it’s not something trivial like “I need to lose (x) kilograms to be a better rider!”, because I could totally see that happening. It doesn’t help that Konatsu is playing it off as “lovesickness”, making me feel like the show might not be taking it as seriously as I am. To Tari Tari’s credit, I did make a similar assumption with Wakana’s story and they proved me wrong. Hopefully they prove me wrong again with this one.


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