Binbougami ga! Episode 12

I'm pretty much obligated to lead with this image

Recap: After her forced scrub down at the bath house, Momiji’s personality is completely reversed. Her new found sweet demeanor brings peace back to Ichiko’s life, but how long can it last?

Jel’s Thoughts: Wait, did they somehow turn a bath episode into a relevant plot point? Sure looks that way. Part of what makes Binbougami better than your average wacky parody comedy is the way it doesn’t waste details. When things happen, there are consequences, like the morning after shame carrying over from last week or Ichiko bringing up her necklace she got from the toilet god two episodes back. That’s a pretty rare quality for the genre, and it makes the show a much more satisfying watch.

Yeah this is definitely wrong

Of course they do fail in that area at times when it comes to the parodies. I found the random rapid fire references kind of annoying early on as most of them were just there for the sake of being there. Unless I’m just not recognizing them, it seems they’ve cut that down considerably in the later episodes. This week’s Death Note send up was both funny and relevant to the situation, so I’m happy to see more quality over quantity as far as parodies go.

An increase in detail means SERIOUS BUSINESS

Oh right, we’re talking about episode 12! How about that Momiji? Are we 100% sure this was not actually her plan all along? Either way I’m glad they saved this for the last arc, because her new personality is a lot more unsettling after 10 episodes of her old self. I was almost starting to get annoyed with how perfect she was, but I guess that is the whole point. Things are definitely NOT supposed to be this way. I’m sure all will be back to “normal” next week, but given what I just said about Binbougami and consequences I’ll be interested to see just how far they go.

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