First Impressions: Busou Shinki

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Toy Line Adaptation by 8bit
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Premise: Shinki are 6 inch tall robot girls built to assist their masters with incredible devotion. Busou Shinki are a special type that can equip weapons and fight. A set of three Busou Shinki join their master as he returns to Japan for high school and try settle in to their new life.

The fight scenes were cool

Jel’s Verdict: Infinite Stratos (1/10 Scale Ver.)

I figured Busou Shinki would be a little creepy based on the premise but I didn’t think they’d go all in with sexualizing tiny little toys that come to life. It’s certainly not Queen’s Blade levels of perversion going on here, but as an example one scene has the main girl robot thing carrying a milk carton and accidentally spilling it all over herself. There are also plenty of directorial choices to make sure you know they have all the parts any normal human female would have. That would all be well and good if I didn’t have to remind everyone THEY ARE SIX INCH TALL TOYS.

That one very, very important and creepy fact aside, the rest of the episode plays out like one of 8bit’s previous series, Infinite Stratos. The mecha musume character designs are kinda cool and the fight scenes look fantastic. In between the fights are incredibly dull daily life scenes in which the girls slavishly devote themselves to the lone male in the series. I sure did hate IS but for some reason I stuck with it. Aside from morbid curiosity, I’m not sure that’s going to be the case here.

A more accurate depiction of the show

Lifesong’s Verdict: I Want Some Toys Like These

And I am completely convinced that is why this exists. These dolls are all completely devoted to their master, and that is in fact what they call him; these dolls even go so far as dressing up as maids and cleaning his room. Also, the have magical mecha that appear out of thin air, and allow them to fly, and fight. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want a few for myself; having toys that happily clean my house for me would be totally awesome.

At it’s core this anime seems to be little more than lighthearted fluff with a bit of an odd setting. One scene in particular really sums this anime up well: The toys open up a box and find a letter with a heart on it, and assuming it is a love letter they question if it could be for one of them? One of the toys pipes up, and says that she wouldn’t like that. Isn’t that absolutely adorable? If your inner toy enthusiast is saying yes, then you just might enjoy this. Honestly I am not entirely sure how I feel about this anime. On the one hand I can totally nerd out fantasizing about my toys coming to life; I will admit that, on the other hand the episode itself was fantastically bad on so many levels. I’ll be watching for now, and honestly I suspect that even if this anime is absolutely awful in the long run; I will find a way to enjoy it regardless of the quality.

Marlin’s Verdict: WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY

My god, where do I even begin? Every single part of this show was so stupid. The sexualziation of the toys is so creepy. The utility of these toys is utterly pointless. The animation outside the fight scenes is so bad I almost thought they were using 3d or something. It is just so bad in every possible way. The characters are flat stale archetypes. Ditz. Moeblob. Tomboy. The one good thing I can say about this show is it had one funny joke, with that tired old “Killing Intent” phrase used for when someone was being under attack… by a flying letter.

Listen, toy otaku. I know things can get lonely out there. I know it’s tough for us nerds. But you’re better than this show. You’re better than having a market demographic that allows this show to come into existence. Please, for the love of god, make it stop. I knew coming in this would be a little painful, but this just hurt me in my soul. This whole “give everything a shot” motto might wind up being the death of me some day.

Humanity has declined.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Busou Shinki

  1. This show might have some potential to me, as a owner of Shinki can see the “Cuteness” in this show. I’m hoping for at least a clean show with no fan service at all….first episode started off interesting for sure! -what you think about that Hamster? lol-

    Would love to have these Shinki of mine Sign for packages,clean and dust, scrub the toilet, all while I sit and watch TV now that’d be awesome. What guy wouldn’t want that?

    Plus Straf at the end appearing looks like this will be most interesting next episode.

    Then again after the recent season’s anime that I’ve followed I for some reason just want a show that’s not overly boring but not loaded with any fan service what so ever

    • Indeed, if all my figures came to life and worked for me I would pretty much be set for life! I am such a nerd for even letting that thought into my head, but hey it is what it is right?

  2. Well, if you drop the Infinite Stratos comparison and compare it to Angelic Layer maybe you could get more entertainment value out of it? Those that started off with Battle Rondo wanted an Anime so Moon Angel and this was made for them. Also, if all the Shinki stories I seen carry over into this anime you’ll see a nice darker atmosphere, if just by a bit and if 8bit decided to add any. As for the quality, can’t be helped much. Might end up some awesomely detailed battles later on, especially for the boss fight at the end.

    I was a bit bothered by Altlene being a bit of a ditzy clown. I’ll just see how it all plays out. Looking forward to the second episode to see what kind of chaos Howling and Mao Chao decide to bring to the other 4 shinkis.

  3. Still, loved the first episode it’s not so often a first episode hypes me in a way[There isn’t many series that can do that to me lately]….and since I own 3 shinkis myself couldn’t help wondering if they came alive to do things around this room of mine….

    That hamster was just odd but kinda weird yet makes me wonder if it’s a pet the guy must let it roam around the house. I thought the thing with the Milk was cute, I actually didn’t see anything wrong with the first episode in it’s entirety.

    -Hoping to see if Proxima shows up in the series,maybe Raptias…..or the Vic Vipers….-

    I’m also hoping that this might make Konami release more Shinkis to cash in on the series.

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