WWG&WWT: September 2012

Another month, another What We Got and What We Thought. This month Jel and Zigg are lowlifes that will amount to nothing, Life adds a few historically inaccurate figures to his collection, and I continue my buying spree with just a little bit more.

Dragonzigg and Jel got:

Max Factory’s Princess of the Crystal Figma


Jel’s thoughts: Aside from being incredibly tedious to pose, the Princess of the Crystal figma came out just as awesome as you would expect it to. Even if it’s a little difficult to work with, I’m still just impressed they were able to make her outfit work at all, so I can’t complain too much. Of course the penguins are probably the real star here, and each one comes with their appropriate accessories. Probably the coolest figma I own and definitely worth the extra cash.

Zigg’s thoughts: Mine is unfortunately still boxed up tight after she and BRS were lost in the customs office, but I have to say she was worth every penny just for those penguins.  If you’re interested by the way, the price has fallen through the floor, and Amiami have her new for 2000JPY, though bear in mind she ocmes in a bigger box than a regular figma.

Timmy’s thoughts: Well, I did have this ordered but when Alter announced their static version of her I decided to cancel. While it sounds like this figma of her is great I really haven’t had too many regrets in doing so. Of course I say this before either of those two have taken and added a pic of her here yet so that could change.

Dragonzigg got:

Max Factory’s Max Factory’s Samus Aran Figma, Black ★ Rock Shooter TV Animation Version Figma and Bandai’s S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form.

Zigg’s thoughts: I have been an extremely busy bee over the past month or so, and as you can see, I haven’t even had a chance to unbox most of my stuff yet. Both Samus and BRS are looking good though, and Samus in particular has an outstanding paintjob. She’s also huge for a Figma, a welcome change of pace from the increasingly smaller figures they’ve been putting out recently. Den-O is absolutely top notch, as Bandai’s toku stuff always is. Poseability is way up on Figma levels, paint job is flawless and the level of detail is incredible for such a small figure, like the pattern in his eyes or the tiny buttons on his belt. My only major issue is one I’ve had with all the Figuarts I’ve owned, which is the hands very rapidly bend out of shape and have trouble holding the sword. Otherwise, it’s everything I could have hoped for – bring on the the other forms!

Jel got:

New York Comic Con Loot

Sweet NYCC Loot

Jel’s thoughts: So as you can see in the picture I picked up the exclusive School Uniform Homura figma from GSC, a Saber maid nendo petit as well as two Kotobukiya One Coin Grande Persona 4 mini figures of Yosuke and Adachi. As far as other paid stuff I also got a sweet Persona 4 Arena art book, have I ever mentioned how much I love Shigenori Soejiima’s art? Perhaps my favorite thing though, aside from the nice double sided posters Funimation was handing out, is that really cool, obnoxiously orange Good Smile Company reusable shopping bag. I already talked about how cool it was to see their booth, so I’m glad I got something unique to remember the occasion.

Lifesong got:

Max Factory’s Inori Yuzuriha Figma.
Good Smile Company’s Inori Yuzuriha Nendoroid.

Life’s thoughts: I adore Inori, and these figures do a great job of capturing many of her key moments from the anime.

Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji Premium C.C. ~Romantic Variation~ White Wedding Dress ver.
Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji Premium C.C. ~Romantic Variation~ Straitjacket version.

Life’s thoughts: I’ve seen these a few times before and liked them, but not quite enough to pay for them. Well I was at NDK this year, and saw this pair sitting on the shelf in the dealers room unmarked. I asked the man running the booth what they cost, and he wasn’t sure. After a failed phone call to his manager to find out what they were supposed to sell at he told me I could have these at cost. I went in thinking I wouldn’t buy any figures this year, but oh how wrong I was. Glad I did though, these two look great together on my shelf.

Griffon’s 1/6th Housen Ryofu.

Life’s thoughts: $30 for a genberbent Lubu? That is the price I paid, and she is worth it for the novelty alone.

Kaitendoh’s 1/8th Adolf Retia Swimsuit version.

Life’s thoughts: I don’t really care to own figures in swimsuits in general. Throw something at me like Tony Taka girls, and I’ll consider it otherwise it’s just a flat out no. Well that was true until I found out that genderbent Hitler in a bikini is a thing. Apparently she runs her fascist state by being a pop idol. I haven’t read the visual novel as it’s not translated yet, and maybe I am an awful person for being amused by this, but there it is. I love these figures.

Timmy’s thoughts: Mein Waifu. Both of these have tempted me since I love the idea of owning a gender swapped Hitler. I have been able to resist thus far though, hopefully I can hold out.

Volks’s 1/3rd Saber EXTRA Dollfie Dream.

Life’s thoughts: I’m now officially that creepy guy in glorio chat that owns a doll. I was able to resist all this time, but I just couldn’t pass up Nero. I’ve got her standing on her own in my case, but I kind of want to pose her holding the sword behind her back. Someday when I have more space to display her like that I will have to figure out how to make that happen.

Zigg’s thoughts: You are crazy Life. Crazy.

Timmy’s thoughts: Yup, those eyes still creep me the hell out. The RAH line is really the only doll that has tempted me, and even then there is still the price to contend with. Nero’s sword looks bad ass there though. It is a shame you are stuck with a static pose with those things unless you have tons of room.

Timmy got:

Max Factory’s Nanoha Takamachi School Uniform ver. Figma & The Battle of Aces game.

Timmy’s thoughts: The box with the figma was more or less a throw in to take up some unused space and I ended up picking up the game elsewhere to recomplete it. The figma isn’t really all that poseable but when you start mixing parts with other figmas you can still get a lot of fun out of it, not to mention Nanners is pretty cute. These older boxes seem to be a great way to pick up random loot for pretty cheap.

Max Factory’s Kan’u Unchou Figma.

Timmy’s thoughts: Kan’u in figma for comes with all the stuff you would expect Kan’u in figma form to come with. An extra torn skirt, an extra set of boobs (which are totally falling off in that picture, didn’t notice it until now) her weapon, extra hands, the usual. With this being figma #10 it is quite interesting to see how far they have come and what changes MF has done to the line. Over all she is pretty poseable and fun even though that hair can get a bit restrictive.

Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Rizfis Luttiva Mente.

Timmy’s thoughts: This figure is both a blessing and a bit of a curse, albeit a curse I already saw coming. She is quite gorgeous and comes with extra damaged parts for maximum display options which make the few major problems with this figure that much more disappointing.  For starters it is very difficult to get her weapon to set right in her left hand. As you can see I used the top of her outfit to pin it in the palm of her had but still looks like it is hovering. The second and most important issue is the base. Because of the material used, if I displayed her like this there is a high chance the pegs would warp and break off, and even if that didn’t happen the base itself would warp backwards. That heavy flowing skirt is wonderful but the strain it puts on the pegs is too much.  Sure I could cast her off and display her in her unmentionables without issue but it would be quite a shame since her outfit is so pretty. Unfortunately until I figure something out Rizfis will have to stay in the box.

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