Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Episode 5: Hell’s Kitchen

Nori’s talking about netbooks, but I am fairly certain that thing on the left is a tablet.

Summary: In the first half, Nazuna stresses out over her parents visiting and wanting to taste her cooking. Hiro and Yuno help her out in the most detailed cooking sequence in anime this side of Fate/Stay Night. In the second half, Nori wakes up from a nightmare and ends up hanging out with Sae at two in the morning arguing about dictionaries. Plot!

A more traditional blog post this week, as this episode easily ranked amongst the most memorable in Hidamari Sketch history. The first half featured the return of the biggest assholes in Hidamari Sketch history, Nazuna’s parents. As if kicking their socially awkward daughter out of the house and forcing her to go live on her own wasn’t horrible enough already, the dastardly couple now decides to visit said daughter in order to see how well she can cook. Do they even bother to stay and ask how their daughter is doing after she has served them their favourite food? Of course not. Man, those two are dicks.

Welcome to Chez Nazuna, enjoy your stay while your daughter starves, jerks.

The cooking sequence played out like a SHAFT-ified cooking show, which even went through the effort of explaining every step in such detail one could easily follow these recipes in real life. Only in Hidamari Sketch, of course, but it made for a fantastic, imaginative sequence that was, oddly enough, a joy to watch.

The second sequence was equally interesting, constituting not much more than a late-night conversation between Nori and Sae. What made this teamup more enjoyable was just how unpredictable it was. Usually, when Hidamari Sketch does scenes with only two characters, it usually sticks to Hiro and Sae, Yuno and Miyako, or Nori and Nazuna, so this combination really came totally out of left field. What followed was a fantastic conversation that profiled both characters, each with their own traits and preferences that felt surprisingly lifelike. One wacky concept with splendid execution and one interesting, character-driven discussion made this episode of Honeycomb a reminder why I love Hidamari Sketch so much.

… I’ll just let this screenshot speak for itself.

Random observations

  • Miyako’s line about liking Nazuna’s cooking was a nice callback to two weeks ago, where she was the only one who liked Nazuna’s makeshift noodle curry.
  • Speaking of which, why didn’t Nazuna bother to ask Hiro for help, rather than Yuno?
  • Everyone in Hidamari Apartments save for Nori is so enormously bad with anything computer-related it’s not even funny. Does Hidamari Sketch take place in some alternate universe where computers are not an essential part of daily life?
  • It’s even funnier that Sae doesn’t know what a netbook is because she’s a published writer. Which means she writes all of her stories by hand. Respect.

One thought on “Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb Episode 5: Hell’s Kitchen

  1. Ad Random observation No.2: This is actually answered in the episode – Nazuna was thoughtfully wary of interrupting Hiro, when she would supposedly be studying.

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