JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Episode 6

Recap: Jojo and crew continue their battle with the Black Knights.

Iro’s Thoughts:
Look, I really try to come up with good stuff to say here, I really do. But there never is much to say about Jojo. Crazy poses, crazy attacks, Araki making up more bullshit, and manly guys doing manly things – it’s pretty much going to be the same every week.

Jojo finishes his fight with Bruford, pummeling the zombie with Sunlight Yellow Overdrive. The magic of the Ripple restores the knight’s humanity, and he offers his sword to Jojo as a boon for defeating him. Tarkus continues the battle, however, pursuing our heroes into an ancient castle used as a training ground for medieval warriors. Jojo gets locked into a room with the brute, where they are both attached to a length of chain that runs along the ceiling.

On the verge of defeat, tagalong kid Poco squeezes through the gaps in the dilapidated castle and throws the lever they needed to open the door. Zeppeli reminisces about his own training in the Ripple – his master, Tonpetty, prophesied that Zeppeli would face a gruesome death should he pursue the stone mask. Fully prepared for this to happen, Zeppeli strides in to save the day. It’s on.

Dragonzigg’s Thoughts:
This is a slightly weird, off kilter episode of JoJo…well, more so than normal that is.  Bruford’s ultra-melodramatic death scene veers wildly between stupid in the right and wrong ways; it feels totally undeserved for a character who’s appeared in the sum total of one episode (and been a magical hair vampire for most of that time) but then that’s assuming you’re meant to take it seriously. Taken as a comedy it’s pretty hilarious, and I must admit I completely lost it at the Luck -> PLuck scene which couldn’t be more randomly corny if it tried. Bonus points for the shot of JoJo and Bruford kneeling in a flowery field that might have been ripped straight from the pages of a shoujo manga.

Elsewhere we’ve got magical magnet leaf hanglider, which even by the standards of what we’ve seen so far is pretty amazing, and a bunch of backstory dump for Zepelli. To be honest, I would have preferred if this had been done a few episodes ago when we first met him. Having the threat of death looming over him would have made for a more interesting character and motivation, although I suspect this may have been a result of the on the fly storytelling style of manga. As it is the sudden exposition makes it even more obvious that he’s going to eat it next episode than it already was .

I’m not entirely sure what’s up with Poco either. Is he meant to be a kid empathy character? He just seems to be sort of ‘there’ without serving any major purpose, although he does act as a useful deus ex machina to let Speedwagon and Zepelli into the fight. Nevertheless, if Speedwagon is, as he bemoans, a ‘third wheel’ then Poco is a distant star. It doesn’t help that he seems to be off model quite a lot in this episode, or that his sister is one stone cold bitch.

Next week should see us firmly back on track though, as we’ve got the promise of an epic final showdown between Zepelli and Tarkus, and JoJo and co having to deal with the aftermath.

Gee’s Thoughts:
Like I said last week, coming up with things to say about Jojo every week is going to be difficult. As usual, some crazy shit happens, and I guess if you haven’t read the manga, some really weird shit goes down. Bruford magically regains his humanity thanks to the Ripple, leading to quite possibly one of the corniest scenes in the anime so far. And with so much ridiculous shit going on, that’s quite the accomplishment.

Tarkus continues the fight, ending up with him and Jojo attached to a chain contraption locking them into a death match. In addition, we finally hear of the notorious Zepelli bloodline fate. In his backstory, we learn that his death is prophesized should he pursue the stone mask. Of  course, Zepelli being the fabulous bastard he is, continues on towards his fate. This sorta thing is gonna haunt the Zepelli line for a while, but I suppose that’s the cost of being a bloodline that can surpass the Joestars in their fabulousness.

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