Little Busters: Episode 11


Recap: Kyousuke sets up a test of courage for the Little Busters. He fills the schools with talismans and their mission is to split into teams, and collect those talismans.

Along the way a “ghost” apears to give them all a good fright, but it turns out the ghost is just a eagle named Tweety who wants to bro out with Kyousuke like they did when they were kids. There is still a touch of the supernatural at work here however. The two manly men spend their evening fighting off ghosts in principles room, and retrieve a talisman that Kyousuke didn’t place. Mio suggests they burn it.

Ghost stories, 100x less scary when told by this guy.

Ghost stories, 100x less scary when told by this guy.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Only Key, that really sums up this episode. Not to say that I wasn’t having fun, I was. I like the way this episode managed to work in the it’s not what you think angle while also throwing something supernatural at us, reminding us that Key stories always have a supernatural side to them.

Not that much really happened this episode beyond some funny antics. It’s fun to see the cast doing things as a group, but I have little to say about this episode. Looks like next episode will be all about Mio which I am cool with. I want to see J.C. Staff hit a home run here to make up for what they did with Komari. Come on J.C.! don’t let us down now!

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