Robotics;Notes Episode 11

Recap: Kaito and Frau continue to uncover the mystery and conspiracies that are held within the Kimijima Kou reports. Amidst all the confusion, the final episode of Gunvarrel is suddenly leaked, throwing everything into even greater disarray.

Gee’s Thoughts: Not being familiar with the previous works in the noun;other noun universe, I was a little surprised by how soon Robotics;Notes decided to drop the drama bombs and go into full conspiracy mode. The first half of the episode focuses on Kaito and Frau’s antics as they attempt to unlock more of the Kimijima Kou reports and figure out just exactly what is going on. At this point unfortunately, it seems like the building a giant robot aspect of the show has become a subplot now, which is a bit of a damn shame since that’s why I watched this show in the first place, but thankfully most of the R;N cast is interesting enough that I remain invested in the show.

The storyboard of the infamous last episode of Gunvarrel is leaked, revealing an apocalypse scenario that is almost identical to the 3rd report, which reveals that a solar flare will destroy the majority of humanity and that many modern robotics companies have some sort of stake in this event. How are Gunvarrel and the Kimijima Kou reports related? I believe that will likely become the main focus of Robotics;Notes now that the conspiracies have been brought to the forefront. It’ll be interesting to see how Robotics;Notes shifts as a show from its previous tone. Also seriously, can’t poor Akiho catch a break? First her dreams are crushed, then her sister is a total bitch to her, and now the show that was the inspiring beacon of her life is revealed to be a lie. A girl like her shouldn’t have to deal with all of this.


Marlin’s Thoughts: While our heroes are not yet in immediate danger as they were when Steins;Gate made its dramatic reveal, the tension is building up as more pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. The hunt for Kou Kimijima’s last words is playing out much in the way that Hououin’s clandestine snooping into SERN went about. Done originally on a whim, it now drives the plot, giving our characters the only possible reason they could even have to get involved. I would still rather love to see some of the GUNVARREL robot building having a purpose in regards to the globally-threatening catastrophe, but I’m sure such events can’t be too far off.

Instead, we simply get shown once again how Kai seems to care more about his own morbid curiosity than anything in solving these reports. I still don’t understand why the barrier for entry was made so complexly unless it’s simply a measure that most normal people wouldn’t go to. While it’s still easy to be hard on the guy, I like that he’s at least softening up to Frau and starting to look more like someone that actually deserves to have as many friends as he’s managed to lackadaisically find instead of being alone with Aki. Frau herself once again steals the show, with no small help from the Funimation subbing department. Much like Daru, she’s a great source of slapstick and another nice, if somewhat crazy, foil to our protagonist.


What was most intriguing about this episode had to be the inclusion of the GUNVARREL mythos into their problems. While it was obvious there had to be some link due to its strong appearance in the story, it’s interesting to see the lost footage being directly linked to the catastrophe Kou has so often mentioned. Did the GUNVARREL team create the concept for this plan, and was subsequently killed to silence those in the know, or did the team somehow find out and tried to tell the world with the last episode, only to be stopped before they could complete it? I’ve been loving how the mysteries have unfolded so far. While we’ll have to wait another week before the story gets started again, I’m glad to know that the show I had such faith in is still engaging enough to keep on to the next season.

3 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 11

    • I know, but it’s definitely going to have to pull some crazy stops to show how it’ll be at all connected with this overarching conspiracy plot.

    • I too remember that scene, but as Marlin said, I’m a little curious to see how they’ll manage to tie that into the overarching plot. I can’t exactly imagine how Akiho building her robot will somehow stop the sun from destroying the planet.

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