My Little Monster Episode 13 and Final Impressions


Recap: Putting all seriousness aside, the last episode focuses on Haru’s mad search for something inexplicable that inadvertently  brings the gang together.

From all that I can tell, this episode was completely filler, unrelated to anything that actually happened in the story. It really shows for how little actually happens in this episode. Natsume’s vague confession to Micchan-san is put on hold as Haru arrives like the New Year’s Miner in some strange union worker’s outfit. Ironically the best line in the entire episode comes early from Shizuku as she muses about the technicality of seeing the first sunrise, “Why does this feel like a big, unsatisfying cop-out?” Consequentially, this was a very empty episode and I really don’t feel like ruminating upon it for very long.

At least, in the usual fashion, as much as I felt it wasted my time it had a cute ending. It’s really felt like these two are finally reciprocating the same feelings for each other. Now, the only problem lies with their natures. While Shizuku, the more collected of the pair, has mostly figured out what she wants, Haru is still being difficult because he has abandonment and anxiety issues that need ironing out.


Final Impressions

It’s a shame that this last episode was so disappointing in comparison to the rest of the show. I was ready to give it my #1 slot for how much I have enjoyed this show over the past season. Still, this show did so much to surprise and impress me this season otherwise that I can’t help but still love it. The show was billed as an atypical shoujo romance, and the story of Shizuku and Haru managed to blow even that high praise right out of the water.

From the very get-go we are launched into the tangled mess that happens when Shizuku and Haru’s worlds collide. There was never any wasted time filled with asided glances or embarassed half-confessions. Even when Shizuku seemed to be denying her feelings like so many shoujo shows use to cop-out, she turned it around on its head by the end of the episode to completely blow me away. These characters realized they were attracted to each other, and didn’t shy away from engaging the issue. What really drove the drama was their expectations of each other and ultimately of themselves.

I loved Shizuku’s character arc early in the show. Instead of some impractical problem creating a divide between her and Haru, it’s really one of simple expectations. She is a student and she expects herself to succeed as her mother did. By hanging out with Haru and the gang she is finally experiencing the love of true friendship and the experiences that come with it, but this starts to be at a cost to her schoolwork. In finding the proper balance she learns how to accept herself and Haru, even if Haru starts to become stubborn just as she comes to this realization.

I can’t say enough about Shizuku as a character. She was my hands down pick for the best heroine of last year and for good reason. She constantly proves herself to be strong, dedicated woman in a genre all too full of meek damsels. While she may be strict, it means once she understands something it really sticks with her. She is someone that sticks by her convictions even in the face of the one person to ever fluster her.

Haru is quite enigma himself. Shown to come from a troubled past and a broken family, it’s hard not to sympathize with him even as he acts out. Haru is as intelligent as he is belligerent, but because of the way he was raised he never got to connect with people. It’s this shared isolation that ironically brings him and Shizuku together, and what makes them so well matched. However, even with such understandable personality flaws it does not forgive him for becoming dependent and needy around Shizuku. He doesn’t seem to understand her and is afraid her want to focus on her own needs means she might drift away from him. His story is truly a tragic one, and unfortunately one that was not fully elaborated on by the end of the anime’s progression through the story.

Even beyond the fantastic main pair, we were given some supporting characters in Natsume and Sasayan. Natsume was such a great comedic foil for the two, with both the social awkwardness to be able to relate with the two oddballs and a charm that really gave any scene she had a lot of life. She definitely had some of the best comedy scenes out of anyone. Natsume’s story, too, was one that remained regretfully unfinished. If there is to be a second season at all I am sure it would start back up on the bombshell she laid on Micchan-san.


I’ve noted on it before, but Sasayan really is quite the oddity in this bunch, if only paradoxically for his complete normalcy. He has friends, he gets along well in class, he even participates in clubs. Still, he chooses to hang out with these three with all the complications and eccentricities. I suppose something could be said for an attraction towards Natsume, but as far as the anime shows that is yet to really be laid out in full. Still, he performs the job of support well. He occasionally doles out advice and generally performs a very good job as the group’s straight man.

Even with so much going for it, an anime can quickly become unwatchable if put in the hands of a subpar studio. Thankfully, My Little Monster was put in the capable hands of Brains Base, and it really shows. There’s so much life in the broad color pallet they used in painting this story. Not content to simply put out flat colors, every background seems to have its own texture, giving a great artistic look that really complemented the characters. My favorite scene by far had to be as Shizuku was waking up on Haru’s lap, and the camera pans to a beautifully painted sky, not a single blue but a slowly cascading gradient as it reflected her thoughts.

Overall, I’d say if there’s one shoujo show to watch in the past few years, it has to be My Little Monster. It had so much charm, such lovable and engaging characters, such an enthralling romance, that it would seriously be a shame to say otherwise. As I look on to the winter season, the temptation to read ahead in the ongoing story is quite high, but as long as fellow successes in the genre like Kimi ni Todoke and Chihayafuru can get their second seasons, I have high hopes this show will not be done so soon.

12 thoughts on “My Little Monster Episode 13 and Final Impressions

  1. Wow! Your summary if the anime was really well written! I think you capture the show’s spirit better than any of the other articles on My Little Monster I’ve read.

    I only just finished watching this anime a moment ago with the backlog of other anime I’m trying to finish, and was looking for any inkling of an idea as to whether a second season might come out when I stumbled upon this, and I agree that it deserves a second season.

    On a different note, the quality of your writing is really good and I loved how you broke the story down for analysis, so I think I’ll follow your blog. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Thank you! Writing for MLM has been my favorite assignment at the blog yet. This was definitely one of my favorite shows of the past year.

      I’m glad to know there are some other fans clamoring for a second season. It’s taking all the willpower I have not to just read ahead since we haven’t had much news on a new season. I did that once with Kimi ni Todoke and I wish I didn’t.

  2. I was so relieved when I found out that I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with this anime…to be honest- I cried throught every episode because of the fact that I could completely understand and relate to their naive ideas of how to communicate with each other…Every single character had something that I could entirely relate to… I just really needed to know that I wasn’t the only person out their whose thoughts were that crazy…

    • It really was a great show. Compared to last year, I think we can finally say the chances of a second season are slim to none. Now that the manga is over, I’ve started reading the whole thing. Shizuku is still the best shoujo protagonist I’ve ever seen.

  3. I just finished this anime a few days ago and I’m thrilled to have found a blog that posts very detailed and thorough analyses of anime. I absolutely agree that Shizuku is a refreshingly unique protagonist compared to other weak girls in shoujo anime. I also was disappointed to find that the last episode was subpar compared to the other episodes in the season. Of course, that shouldn’t discourage any otaku that hasn’t seen this anime to try it out. Even my friend, who favors action and adventure over romance, enjoyed watching this series because it was just that awesome.

    • Thank you, I’m really glad to hear when someone else comes to enjoy this show as well. My Little Monster certainly was a gem. I really need to get around to finishing the manga as all hope for a second season is lost at this point. I wish Brains Base would get the chance to make shows like this more often, the story was great but I can’t speak enough of how their work made this show look as fantastic as it felt. I really wish they’d just not made that final episode, but you’re right. The sum whole is still much better than any shoujo show that’s come since.

    • Sorry dude, the manga has been finished up for more than a year at this point, odds of that happening are becoming slimmer by the day.

  4. I just finished the anime, its the first of its type that I see and am I glad I did, I enjoyed it so much that it makes me really sad the way they ended it. So much potential lost in not making a second season… So many stories left untold… Even if the odds are slimmer by the day I really wish they surprise us one day with MLM S2 E1 :’)

  5. direct to the point blog…keep it up 🙂 .. But I hope they would still air season 2 (just like my unending wait for Kaichou Wa Maid Sama 😦

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