My Little Monster Episode 12


Recap: Shizuku settles things down by bribing Haru. Meanwhile, Natsume struggles with her feelings for Mi-san, and whether she really wants Shizuku and Haru to get together in the first place.

The story finally shifts away from our main duo to focus on the adorable klutz, Natsume. Natsume is somewhat of an interesting character study. You could definitely argue legitimate reasons to feel sorry for her situation, but at the same time you could almost think of it as a non-situation. Natsume’s problem is that she is too cute, by her own admission. That in and of itself takes more than a little bit of narcissism if you ask me. It’s obvious that her problems have never really been in other people’s feelings for her but in her own inability to make the friends she so desires. Less than a year passed and she has already made four friends. Weird friends as they may be, they don’t hate her because she attracts attention.


While Sasayan, as I noted last week, has at least some interest in her, it’s interesting to see him state that he’s never been in love before. Instead, throughout this episode it seems he’s trying to provoke some kind of reaction from Natsume. He’s the one who tries to reveal to her that she actually has feelings for Mi-san and yet later it seems he’s trying to ask her specifically to the shrine. I’m not sure of the whole story but the way he talked to his friend who had a crush on her it seemed like he had some sort of plan.

As said, the main relationship drama is put on hold for once, and in quite a hilarious manner. I do hope that Haru gains some awareness soon, as even doing the right thing he’s seen as a rube, basically getting taken in by a bribe to spend quality time with Shizuku. It does seem like this has smoothed things over with the two. At the New Year’s dinner there’s a scene of Natsume taking a picture of them sleeping next to each other that was absolutely adorable.


Unforunately, Natsume was not so lucky. I already predicted that Mi-san would have no interest and that silence was certainly damning. It was good that at least he talked her through her immature ideas of remaining a simple group of friends. She knows it’s impossible, but this momentary happiness is something she feels would be threatened by change. I can only hope this doesn’t mean she’ll start attempting to sabotage the couple any further. That would be uncomfortable to watch, especially with the two so close to actually understanding each other and solidifying their relationship.


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