Robotics;Notes Episode 13


Recap: Kai continues to unlock the Kimijima Kou reports, while the rest of the team makes progress on GUN-Build 2 with the help of the magical monopole they found earlier. In addition, we get to learn a little more about Frau in the process.

Gee’s Thoughts: Well Robotics;Notes finally addresses the Sci-Fi plot device that was the monopole that randomly showed up out of nowhere a few episodes back. In a turn of events I don’t think anybody would be surprised by, the robotics club decides to see if it can be used to create a working engine to power the GUN-Build 2. I honestly don’t have much against this anymore because ever since then, the show has only gotten further away from its down-to-earth robot building roots, and I’ve begun to accept that Robotics;Notes is a pretty unrealistic Sci-fi story through and through. Nothing wrong with that, but I did have to change my expectations of the show.


That said, while this episode would makes things look like they’re returning back to normal, it manages to once again, buck trends and introduce some conspiracy and drama when you least expect it, this time in the form of Frau’s continued quest to discover what happened to her mother. As we learned  before, it turns out that the Gunvarrel show may have been used as some sort of subliminal messaging tool used to warn the world about the impending solar flare apocalypse. In this episode, it’s pretty much outright stated as Frau and Kai learn more about the mysterious circumstances that surround them.


The ending of the episode however introduces some legitimate drama that I hope will be addressed in the following episodes. It was heartbreaking to see Akiho’s dreams broken, but she was always an energetic and spirited girl, so to see her bounce back was an inevitability. With Frau being framed for the solar flare and the malfunctioning robots in Tokyo, I wonder what will become of her. As the end of the episode shows, she’s already hit rock bottom, culminating in an attempted suicide. I suppose it’s a little depressing that I have to hope Kaito can summon the empathy to be a good supportive friend in this tumultuous time for her. He managed to do it for Jun, let’s see if he can reign in his asshole traits a little longer.

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