Random Manga Theatre 30: Flower Arrangement Maiden

Hit the “Random” button and see what comes up! In this feature, we take a look at whatever manga the Random Number God decides to throw at us and find out if it’s worth your time.

This time: Hana Michi Otome, by Hamasin


Got a short one this week. So sue me.

Mikoto is a strange girl, not unentirely because she somehow has the ability to talk to plants. Not in the conventional “if you talk to your plants, they’ll grow better!” gardening bullshit way – she can literally talk to plants, and they talk back to her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get crazy plant-based superpowers from this or anything, since this isn’t a shonen battle manga (that would totally be better, though). Nope, instead she just gets weird flowery markings over her body, making her look all mysterious and shit, but also making her look like a crazy Yakuza freak who gets tattoos because obviously everyone who has a mark even remotely resembling a tattoo must be from a family of gangsters, right??? Anyway, Mikoto got bullied a lot and such, so by the time she’s in high school she’s all closed up and wearing boyish clothes to hide her creepy gangster tats.

Cut to present day, present time, where a really weird enthusiastic guy named Aozakura transfers into Mikoto’s school. He’s both super rich and obsessed with flowers, and wants to start a flower arranging club at the school. But not just any plain old regular flower arranging club: his is all about taking pictures of hot chicks lounging around with flowers. Since Mikoto is connected with flowers and has flower tattoos, she’s perfect to be his first subject (I guess he also has the same marks, but he can’t speak to flowers or something? Whatever). And thus begins a love harem comedy thing about their adventures to start up the new flower arrangement club, but with hot girls. Sure, why not.


Verdict: Weed it out
This is boring, cliche, formula, and all them other adjectives that describe something not all that great. Aozakura’s straightforwardness about wanting to just take pictures of scantily-clad ladies is somewhat refreshing, but only because the harem genre is so ludicrously overdone otherwise. All things considered, you’re best just ignoring this one and moving on to something better.

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