Tamako Market Episode 3

This loses some of its impact without the wind

Recap: Dera becomes smitten with Shiori, one of Tamako’s new classmates that she recognizes from the badminton club. He brings Shiori to the shopping district, but her shy personality makes it hard to connect with Tamako.

That's some strong "coffee" if you know what I mean

Jel’s Thoughts: I’m starting to notice a pattern here: introduce character, present whatever minor personality flaw they’re coping with, send them to stoner record store coffee guy, problem solved. Just what IS he putting in that coffee? Will Kanna or Mochizou be his next victim customer? As cool as stoner record store coffee guy is, I kind of hope they mix things up in the next episode.

Squishy moeblob face

As far as our new cast member, Shiori (who acts suspiciously like another Shiori) appears to be your typical quiet, shy glasses girl but I do think it’s good to get an outsider’s perspective on the Shopping District community… ah who am I kidding, she’s just another quiet, shy glasses girl. Maybe we’ll see another side of her personality later, but for now there’s not much to work with. I also hope that tops off the cast as we’ve already have way too many people to keep track of, especially if they’re going to insist on showing EVERY person in the shopping district EVERY episode.

I don't do this often but HHHNNNGGGGG

Fortunately there are still plenty of cute, feel good moments to make up for my misgivings, including Dera’s attempts to woo the lovely Shiori. Tamako herself is such a genuine, earnest character, it’s interesting how much you like her even though the story rarely takes her perspective. It’s a different way to handle a main character, acting as more of a catalyst rather than focusing on her own problems, but I suppose that could change in the future as well. There’s still a lot of Tamako Market left to watch, and while I’ll admit my expectations are slowly lowering I still think it has plenty of potential.

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