Senran Kagura Episode 3

Senran Kagura - 03 1

Recap: Yomi flashily kicks some major butt, we get to know a little bit more about Ikaruga, and Asuka finally deals with her anuran issues.

Senran Kagura - 03 2

Timmy’s Thoughts: Senran Kagura kicks it off out of the gate with lots of action as Yomi and Ikaruga face off and Not long into the battle Yomi quickly pulls out a hand cannon blowing Ikaruga out of the sky and leaving her very much disrobed. While the battle is quite short it gives the show a chance to explain the whole clothing damage system, not to mention get a good pan of Ikaruga in her unmentionables while doing it. The whole clothes being summoned by will and concentration and lost as getting knocked around causes the loss of that concentration may sound silly but seems to work well enough and its probably better then what the usually unexplained alternative, the fact the girls would need tons of the same outfit in their wardrobes, is.

Speaking of wardrobes, the show really is having a lot of fun throwing every kind of clothing option onto the characters. Ikaruga’s nightgown with matching garter, accompanying an initially very misleading “punishment” scene, is probably the most notable this episode. In general though all the girls casual attire as well as certain characters swimsuits seem to have been very dynamic up to this point. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before someone busts out the giant animal suits (although they did already had their animal themed PJs.)

Senran Kagura - 03 3

The remainder of the episode is mostly Ikaruga  focused, first giving some back info on how she was brought into her family and inherited the family sword instead of the family’s son. He natrually isn’t thrilled with the idea makes a failed attempt to take it back. Then we see her role in the group as the eldest and most mature member as she keeps the young’uns in line and helps them when they need it. Her and Asuka work together and finally conquer Asuka’s fear of frogs, which very naturally and not suddenly at all makes her awesome.

With the teasings of action in Yomi’s fight and the foreboding involvement of both Hikage and Mirai it will be interesting to see how the upcoming battles pan out. For now though Senran has remained very carefree and fun to watch, two things that I hope stick around throughout the rest of the season.

Senran Kagura is simulcasting over at Funimation.

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