All Your Monies: January 28th


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we have a really cool Yoko and Nia set and uhhhh some other things!

Yoko, Nia & Boota PSG Arrange Ver. Twin Pack (Gurren Lagann)
Phat Company, July, 1900JPY


Jel: The art style for Panty and Stocking was pretty divisive to say the least, so the notion of envisioning two more beloved Gainax characters in said style is a pretty bold move. I’m going to say it payed off as these figures look great, and while they’re not super tall the price is fantastic for a set. Ordered instantly.

Zigg: The Gurren Lagann character designs lend themselves well to different art styles and this is a really fantastic reinterpretation, giving some serious edge to some familiar looks. I particularly like the contrast between the sullen, sarcastic looking Yoko and the cute, effervescent Nia, while Boota looks like something out of a Chuck Jones cartoon. Highly recommended.

Gee: I’m not much of a figures person, but as a huge fan of Panty and Stocking’s aesthetic, I can’t help but be absolutely enamored with these. It’s quiet impressive how well Gurren Lagann translates into PSG’s style. I will totally buy these (if I have money…which I don’t)

Lifesong: Style for cheap, you can’t go wrong here.

Miyako Nendoroid (Hidamari Sketch)
Good Smile Company, June, 2680JPY


Jel: Aside from the one pose in the pic above Miyako is a pretty dull nendoroid and clearly just meant to go with the much more interesting and adorable Yuno. HidaSketch fans don’t get much figure love though, so if you’re a fan of the show it might be worth taking what you can get.

Zigg: Miyako is cute and superbly faithful to the show design, but that’s about all that can be said. She does come with a pretty decent range of acessories, but ultimately this is very much a fans only thing.  Chances are people who grab this will already have Yuno, and they do make a cute pair.

Lifesong: Miyako is quite cute. I am not a fan of the series but I do like the artwork it employs. It has been captured well in this nendroid.

Yuu Kawamura (se Kirara)
Max Factory, May, 5990JPY


Jel: This is a good example of taking a simple design and doing the best you can with it, using a really dynamic pose and flawless sculpt to give it some life. There are some nice details too, like her little flower hairpieces and for some reason I’m a sucker for really nicely shaded shoes. Certainly not the most amazing figure you’ll see but they did a great job working with what they had.

Zigg: Simple, but perfectly executed.  It’s a wonderful example of how a clever, not-too-flashy pose, some good clothing work and fine attention to detail can produce a really lovely looking figure.  I’m particularly taken by the design of the dress and the lovely coloured stripes. Proof you don’t have to be flashy to be fantastic.

Lifesong: When it comes to schoolgirl figures there is only so much that can be done to make them look shelf worthy. Usually I won’t buy one unless I really like whatever piece of fiction they come from and well.. this is no exception. Still I have to say that I am impressed by how much Max Factory got right with this figure. It’s basic but it’s basic done well.

Beach Queens Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead)
Wave, July, 3100JPY


Jel: I don’t think Yuu can top Haruna and her pink chainsaw, but her bits of armor certainly do make her more interesting than your average Beach Queen. Her hair looks a little stringy but all things considered it’s a solid effort for the line. I don’t remember if she ever appears in a school uniform in the show (maybe in Ayumu’s imagination? Someone help me out here!) but considering just about anything goes in Zombie Desk Car it almost makes sense. Almost.

Zigg: To answer your question Jel, I believe Eu appeared like this in the bonus episode at the end of the first season. It’s certainly a more standout design than your average Beach Queen, which is worth commending, and I like some of the little detail like the gloss swimsuit and the gauntlets.  The hair is a little concerning but overall this is a decent effort.

Lifesong: I’ve been waiting for the right figure from Zombie Deska to adorn on my shelves. Sadly I will continue waiting. Yuu he doesn’t look particularly bad but she does nothing to sell me on this outfit she is wearing.

Subaru Konoe (Mayo Chiki!)
FREEing, June, 5980JPY


Jel: Now that they kind of have their act together, I think I’m ready to officially retire “Griffon Face” and move on now to “FREEing” face. Suburu’s eyes, nose and mouth all look totally flat and dead. The rest of the sculpt isn’t so hot either as the details like her hair or the creases in her stocking are thick and clunky. At least they aren’t charging an insane price for her, but I’m pretty sure there are better Suburu options out there.

Zigg: I don’t care how well designed your figure is, partially undressed girls with sad faces creep me the hell out.  I guess they might be going for ’embarassed’ but really everything Jel said applies here – it’s not a particularly great figure by any stretch.

Lifesong: This figure barely manages to represent the character it supposedly is. The hair color is wrong, something I know without even watching the series. Come on FREEing, even you can do better than this.

*NSFW* Yukihime (Sengoku Rance) *NSFW*
Daiki Kogyo, July, 10610JPY


Jel: I really didn’t want to acknowledge this figure’s existence but considering I’ve been doing all kinds of dumb things in the name of JOURNALISM these days I felt it was worth including. We’ve had some pretty gross figures in AYM here and there but this is even worse than the super size cast off Cattelya (no I’m not looking up the link again) we had a few months back. I have no desire to buy a completely naked figure but IF I DID I would want the sculpt to be perfect and generally for it to not looked like it’s coated in oil or some other… substance. You don’t even have to follow the link to tell that is not the case here. It basically looks like something a desperate Otaku who’s never seen a real woman tried to sculpt in Art class, then used way too much glaze when he was done. It’s worth a good laugh (or vomit), but beyond that STAY AWAY!

Zigg: Terrible in every way, but special mention goes to the hair, which looks like it’s melting over her. Definite no thank you.

Lifesong: This thing is incredible, incredibly awful that is. The glaze of her body, the pose, the body figure itself, all incredibly and impressively hideous. I can’t tell you how accurate to the original art she is as I am not sure what she should look like, but anyway I look at this feel a bit ill. Kill it with fire.

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