Best of Winter Wonder Festival 2013


Has it really been six months since the last Wonder Festival? It seems like just yesterday we were in the infancy of The Glorio Blog, sifting through the new figure announcements while sweating out the heat of Summer. Nevertheless, we’ve arrived at Winter WonFes 2013 and while many companies seemed to be playing it safe this go round there are still plenty of hot items to discuss. So join us as Jel, Zigg, Lifesong, Timmy, and Marlin choose the best of Winter Wonder Festival 2013.

Jel’s Picks

Chitanda Eru (Hyouka)


Jel’s Thoughts: I’ve been CURIOUS whether we would ever see Hyouka figures. It’s a good series and it seems popular enough, but mystical eye colors aside the character designs are very simple and plain. If anyone could pull it off it’s Alter, who did a great job with the boring secondary cast of K-ON! and now managed to make a Chitanda that doesn’t make me want to take a nap. Skipping the school uniform was a good call as Chii’s summer dress adds about as much color and detail as you’re going to get out of the show’s realistic palette. She may still be a bit plain compared to some other entries on the list, but for a Hyouka fan like myself it will make a pretty classy addition to my collection.

Marlin’s Thoughts: The level of detail here is gorgeous, which is really the thing you have to get right to me as far as Hyouka’s concerned. I feel the paint on the hair is kinda glossy compared to the subdued colors of her dress, but I suppose that might not be what the final product looks like.

Timmy’s Thoughts: This was a nice surprise by Alter as good Hyouka figures are few and far between. Chitanda looks great and is damn sure to tempt me in the coming months.

Nendoroid Petit Macross Heroines Set (Macross)
Good Smile Company


Jel’s Thoughts: I’m pretty excited for the upcoming full size nendos of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, but seeing a petit set of the previous Macross heroines (presumably for the series’ 30th anniversary) was a real surprise. The Old Man in me loves to see figures from anime history and to see these classic ladies translated so wonderfully to modern day nendoroid form is really cool.

Zigg’s Picks

Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)
Good Smile Company

gsc lucy heartfiliaa

Zigg’s Thoughts: Just fantastic. We’d already seen Lucy as an uncoloured prototype, but the addition of colour really makes the energy of this pose pop, and brings the sculpt to life. She’s very faithful to her original design but still manages to look fresh and perfectly suited to the figure form, the detailing is excellent and she manages to be attractive without showing off too much. Very much a must buy.

Marlin’s Thoughts: Is her hair supposed to be that yellow? It kinda looks beyond even blonde.

Timmy’s Thoughts: Really like the way Lucy turned out. Her pose was already great but painted she looks even better. I am still curious if her clothes will magically fall off like the figure in the anime did.

μ-12 (BlazBlue)


Zigg’s Thoughts: Yes, she’s huge and will probably be insanely expensive. Yes, she absolutely needs to put some clothes on. But there’s not denying it – this thing looks utterly awesome. Great pose, terrific work on those signature ‘blades’ and just an all around great design translated incredibly well to three dimensions. Even the base is badass!

Marlin’s Thoughts: Man, this does look pretty badass. My major worry would be about one of those blades possibly breaking at some point, but I imagine if you’re willin to shell out for this kinda thing you know how to protect it.

Lifesong’s Thoughts:I’ve been wanting a figure like this for a long time but not this character. I will admit I am a bit bitter that this is Mu instead of Nu. I may pick this up just because of how awesome I think it is but I expect to see a price tag I am not willing to pay.

Jel’s Thoughts: This would have easily been one of my choices since I use Mu quite a bit in Blazeblue and love her design. I’ve been getting on FREEing’s case almost weekly in All Your Monies but this looks fantastic so credit where credit is due. I am absolutely certain this will be out of my price range though, so sadly I anticipate passing on this one.

Lifesong’s Picks

Maou (Maoyuu Maou Yuush)


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Maou was the one thing I really wanted to see someone pick up at this wonfes and I love what Kotobukiya have done with her. Kotobukiya’s quality seemed to rise in 2012 and my hopes for the painted version of Maou are quite high. I can’t wait to see her painted!

Marlin’s Thoughts: Couldn’t agree more. This was definitely one I picked in my top 3. I love the detail on the corset and the fur around her shoulders, although seeing her in 3D really accentuates how ridiculous her chest is.

Timmy’s Thoughts: All that useless flesh. Maou looks great though and her pose is simple but elegant. Between this and GSC’s Nendo I can easily see a figure of her in my future.

Original Nurse (Mebae Illustration)


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Sexy figures are really a mixed bag but most will agree that Native are at the top of the list when it comes to doing it right. Normally I don’t buy many items like this but there is something I love about the ridiculous nature of this one. She is completely over the top in a way that just works. I can’t wait to see the final item, knowing Native they will not disappoint.

Marlin’s Thoughts: Uhhh… Whatever floats your boat, Life.

Timmy’s Thoughts: Super sexy figures are still somewhat in the look but don’t buy category  for me (Although I have already had anti buyers remorse because of it) but even I will say this looks ridiculous in a real good way. It will be interesting to see if Native can pull this one off, if they do she will look fantastic.

Timmy’s Picks

Sonico (Nitro Super Sonic)


Timmy’s Thoughts: Spoiler alert: I am a Sonico fan. While the nendo is quite adorable I have always kind of wanted a scale of her in my life. Problem is the vast majority of her figures aren’t wearing much, or what she is wearing is very fetishistic. Not really something I want on my shelf. So its really refreshing to see this cutie in her normal outfit for a change. Great outfit, great pose, great face, they even got the scale right when they went with 1/8th.  Gift has done a great job and I can’t wait to see her with a coat of paint.

Marlin’s Thoughts: This really does have some great detail, and the pose is really energetic. I especially love how much detail they put in even for the wrinkles in her shirt for bending to the side.

Jel’s Thoughts: I really don’t care for Sonico, partly because of her design but mostly because she’s just a mascot and I like my figures to have some kind of sentimental attachment. I got to admit though this design is adorable and easily the best Sonico figure I’ve seen.

Akane Isshiki (Vividred Operation)
Good Smile Company


Timmy’s Thoughs: I was quite surprised with how much Vividred Operation GSC and co. had on display but Akane here is by far the most impressive. Her bike looks wonderful and Akane herself is also great but what really sells this figure for me is that face. She is having the bloody time of her life on that thing, and that face of hers really does make the figure all that much more fun. Will I be buying Akane when she comes out? We will have to see I guess. Will she be tempting the hell out of me in the coming months? You bet your ass.

Marlin’s Picks

Good Smile Company

Marlin’s Thoughts: My feelings for Robotics;Notes have been mixed over the past few episodes, but one thing that I’ve always loved this show for is its smart design. Nowhere is this shown better than in Akiho’s symbol of Love and Justice, Gunvarrel. From the looks of the thing it’s fully pose-able and the sculpt is absolutely beautiful, so I can’t wait to see how this thing’ll look fully painted.

Kirigiri (Dangan Ronpa)
Phat Company

Marlin’s  Thoughts: As an avid fan of Orenronen’s Let’s Play of Dangan Ronpa, it’s really cool to see that Kirigiri’s going to be made into a figure, and a pretty dynamic one at that. I love the face, a good mix of cute and serious, and while the pose is a little exposing, it’s still tasteful enough to not embarrass meek souls such as myself. The extra bits give some great life to the whole piece as well, plus anything with Monobear already gains big points in my book.

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