OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Spring 2016

With the season more than halfway over, it’s time to once again dig into our favorite songs from shows that have been airing for the past few months. While our Winter 2016 slate was impressively diverse, it seems the crew have pretty much converged on the best songs en masse this time round. Still, since it’s been a really good season for OPs and EDs that’s not exactly a problem.

All Your Monies: May 4th 2016

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Iro) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. This week we get a glimpse into our dark, dark future

First Look: Macross ∆

About 8 years after the events of Macross Frontier, a group of idols and valkyrie pilots fight to control the spread of Vars Syndrome – an ailment that makes people go mad but can be cured with magic singing. Maybe. There’s also another squad of fighters that seem to be bad guys? Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on.

GLORIO Spring 2016 Anime Guide Part 1

A little later than usual, but it’s time once again to check out the hot new shows for next season. Winter had the strongest batch of shows overall that we’ve seen in a long time, so Spring 2016 has some big shoes to fill. Part 1 of our guide gets us off to a good start with the return of Jojo and the adaptation of popular manga My Hero Academia. Macross Delta is also totally happening this time, I promise.

Pilgrimage to Mecha 02: SDF Macross (TV)

Join me as I go back in time and catch up on some of the classics and hidden gems of the mecha genre that every proper fan should know about. Whether I was too young or simply missed out on them, it’s time for me to see the greats of a bygone era and why you should too!

This Time: SDF Macross