Ixion Saga DT Episode 18

Incompetence wears a swan dress...

Recap: Ecarlate continues through the first five wedding trials, making Kon’s life miserable. Icognito is working behind the scenes to sabotage them until ED makes make an important discovery.

Jel’s Thoughts: In discussing this episode with Marlin, we both agreed this was one of those “why didn’t I see this coming????” moments. I mean I always recognized the irony of having a character that doesn’t have balls and wants them versus one that has them but doesn’t, but at no point did I EVER consider putting them together. Between the big final scene and ED helping Kon with his trial, can I officially declare myself right about ED joining the good guys? Should I even really be bragging about making such an obvious prediction?

...or maybe nothing at all?

Regardless of what happens between those crazy kids (or adults, sorry I’m not used to anime romances that don’t involve teenagers) this was a really funny, entertaining episode. Incognito’s incompetence was originally kind of annoying but has reached such grand levels of stupidity I now find it hilarious. The Swan outfits and Gustav’s voicing over the conversation between Kon and Marian probably had my laughing the hardest, but to be fair I do like dumb humor. It all comes back down to that fateful moment ED and Marian collide though, which had me both laughing and practically cheering the moment I realized what was happening.


Overshadowed by Icognito sucking at everything are the wedding trials themselves, which have also been pretty funny. Having already escalated to something as ridiculous as placing 4.5 million dominoes in only the fifth trial, I can only imagine what other ideas they have to get us to the eighteenth… assuming we even make it that far. It’s pretty much a given Ecarlate won’t go through with the wedding to Prince Evil (whatever his name is), it’s just a matter of when they all realize it. The most dramatic option would be wait until they’re at the altar, but I could see it falling apart sooner than that. It look’s like next week is already getting sidetracked with a karaoke episode, so all bets are off. All I know for sure is I love the direction Ixion is headed, and I’m expecting to laugh just as hard at next episode.

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