All Your Monies: April 8th


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, it’s a battle of sexy between Gilgamesh and six girls. Gil wins obviously. Be warned, though, as there’s some mildly NSFW stuff below.

Chogokin Archer (Fate/Zero)
Bandai, July, 6980JPY


Zigg: Gil certainly looks pretty amazing here and the shiny metal armour pretty much instantly makes this figure. Detail looks absolutely superb too. My biggest issue with it is the price – that’s a lot to pay for a small scale poseable figure. But man, that armour…

Aqua: How dare these mongrels? You don’t just put the King of Heroes on your peasant shelf! Anyways, Bandai’s feeble attempt at replicating the glory of Gilgamesh in plastic is pretty successful, though I find the combination of “real” gold and the matte, non-golden parts a bit grating. He’s pricey, but he does come with a sweet stand. Probably the best Gilgamesh figure money and the virginity of your firstborn daughter will be able to buy until they decide to make a 30-feet high version out of pure platinum.

Lifesong: Gil looks good. His armor and expression are great, but he could use some more accessories.

Jel: On his own Gil looks fantastic with his shiny metallic armor and condescending smile. My issue is with the accessories: sure he comes ready for a Kingly Conversation (sadly the Monty Python parody video of which has been removed), but he needs some kind of Gate of Babylon. I’m not even sure how that would work but he practically looks naked without it… hmm I guess that option would have worked to.


Aigis Uniform Edition (Persona 3)
Ques Q, October, 6800JPY


Zigg: A refreshingly different take for our favourite robot girl. The Gekkoukan uniform is distinctive enough to look good, I like the subtle pose and for once we’ve got a cast-off option that isn’t 100% gross. The face is a little vacant but otherwise this is a decent effort all round.

Aqua: I’ll take an actual robot body Aigis over a generic schoolgirl one, but this is still a neat one for fans. I love the lifelike finish of the leather bag, but the pose really isn’t anything to write home about. That is kind of the problem with this figure. It lacks an oomph many other Aigis figures do have. And no, the removable skirt doesn’t count, because it’s plain stupid. Why not make all of her clothes removable?

…That’s probably the first and only time I will ever say that.

Lifesong: Aigis is looking stylish here. I like the sense of motion this figure provides. Ques Q have done a good job at making it look like Aigis is either moving forward or a breeze is blowing at her from behind.

Jel: With all the Aigis’ (Aigisi?) that have been released it’s kind of ironic that her school uniform version is the unique breath of fresh air. Aside from the creepy skirt-free option, her sculpt looks great. We’re kind of used to seeing her mechanical parts so I’ll mention I really love the detail on her school bag. The face is not a strong point, but I’d still love to have this figure.

Iro: It always bothered me how nobody at school noticed she was A) made of metal and B) has hooves instead of feet.

Nendoroid Sasami Tsukuyomi (Sasami@Unmotivated)
Good Smile Company, August, 3030JPY


Zigg: Very adorable. I love the nightdress – it’s a good departure from the bog standard school uniform nendo and the peach colour really pops and makes her stand out. Decent set of accessories too.

Aqua: Horrible show, annoying character, really nice nendoroid. Sasami’s alternate faces are adorable, her colour palette and outfit are a very welcome change from the usual school uniform and that oversized hat just makes me want to hug her. She comes with some really neat accessories and alternate parts, too, which is really what nendoroids should be all about. Thumbs up, only I’m fairly sure no one will buy this. Did anyone even like Sasami@Unmotivated?

Lifesong: Cute Nendroid with a ton of great accessories, what more could you want from one these?

Jel: Putting any debate about Sasami-san aside, this is a pretty cool nendoroid. I love her messy hair and the colorful pajamas are a nice break from the usual school uniform. Also, who doesn’t want a nendo scale portable Onii-Chan Surveillance Tool? I hear “VAYO” is one of the best brands.

Beach Queens Yuno and Miyako (Hidamari Sketch)
Wave, August, 3320JPY each


Zigg: I like these, particularly Miyako with her eye-catching yellow bikini and cool water pistol. Yuno is a little more generic and that pose is a little awkward, but she’s still adorable. Her hair seems a few shades blonder than usual though. Nevertheless, good effort from Wave with these two.

Aqua: Being cute as a button is par for the course for everything Hidamari Sketch-related and these two are no difference. Cheerful poses, expressive faces, a fun water gun for Miya and really, just, look at them. I’m not even complaining about the fact that they are Beach Queens. Probably the best Hidamari Sketch figures to date.

Lifesong: Every time I see these designs I can’t help wondering how old they are. These characters look the same 10 – however old they get and it confuses me.

Jel: YAY MORE BEACH QUEENS. I actually really like Miyako’s water gun and energetic pose. It reminds me of the Angel Beats Yuri from awhile back that was one of my favorites in the line… you know, if you held a gun to my head and made me decide.

Yozora Mikazuki (I Have Few Friends)
Griffon, May, 6870JPY


Zigg: Having never seen the show or read the books, I have no context for this and thus find it kind of even more disturbing than usual. Uh….it’s nice to see Griffon producing more non-Touhou stuff I guess?

Aqua: I’ll just go hide in my little world where Haganai is a funny manga with little to no fanservice and harem nonsense. It’s way cooler there, you should try it. Also, what were they thinking with those spikes on her panties?

Lifesong: Griffon are making better figures lately. Yozora’s face looks spot on which has been their long running issue. Her outfit looks like it came right out of the anime. I don’t want one for myself, but this figure looks well made.

Jel: I say this everytime there’s a new Haganai figure but… one step closer to Rose Warrior Yozora. Seriously though, should you want to relive the horrors of the Haganai OVA and you’ve already ordered Harem Sena you might as well complete the set. Personally I wouldn’t come anywhere near buying this thing, but I’ll give them bonus points for nailing the faux leather look on her outfit. I will then take them away for the clumpy hair, flat bows, and ugly painted horns but I suppose those things are not the focal point here.

Mashiro Shiina (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou)
Griffon, June, 6220JPY


Zigg: I’m not a physicist but I understand basically how gravity works and there is no way on earth her shirt should be staying on. That aside, why the hell would anybody buy this fantastically creepy bit of crap? I guess the hair is nice? Reall though just looking at this makes me feel like a bad person.

Aqua: When your character is known for literally nothing else but being portrayed as entirely incapable of properly putting or keeping on her clothes because she is just that helpless, you do not only make absolutely zero effort to take the so-called character drama of your so-called decent show seriously, you do also keep enunciating the fact that the titular pet girl (aaargh!) is so desperately waifish she doesn’t even know you’re not supposed to walk around topless in public. Hurray for the fetishization of autism! Anyways, lovely hair, but physics don’t work that way, the bra looks like a bikini top and- Do I really have to mention what is wrong with this thing? Really?

Lifesong: Subtle movement is a thing that is hard to get right on a figure I think. Griffon doesn’t have the best track record for getting it right and as a result most of the figures are in static poses. While this certainly isn’t Alter level quality I think Mashiro looks pretty good overall and amazing considering who made her. I love the shading on her clothing, hair and skin and her facial expression is perfect. Personally I think the falling off effect works here. Knowing the way Mashiro moves about slowly without panicing as her clothing peals off this looks about right to my eyes. This is an iconic figure for Mashiro I think, for better or worse. I am tempted to get one.

Jel: What’s this with all the non-touhous Griffon figures? Maybe they really have given up their title to Ques Q… ANYWAY, I’m not really a fan of Mashiro’s various-states-of-undress design but that aside this isn’t doing her justice. Rather than casually, effortlessly falling about, her clothes look too stiff and placed with unnatural convenience. I don’t care how perky her breasts are there is no reason for that shirt to stay up like that… OK, I’m reading WAY too much into this, I’m stopping now.

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