First Impressions: Date A Live


Light Novel Adaption by AIC PLUS+
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Premise: “Spacequakes” ravage the landscape of the world occasionally, and  it turns out they’re caused by cute girls appearing from another world. The only way to solve this without killing them is to date them.

Iro’s Verdict: Not even worth a first date

This is effectively a combination of several of the anime cliches that I hate the most: impossibly annoying little sisters, utterly bland protagonists, unnecessary and jarring sci-fi elements, characters acting like total morons, gratuitous panty shots, a ludicrous justification for a dumb romance element… really, the best choice is to just avoid this show entirely.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 01 [0D301EFB].mkv_snapshot_14.15_[2013.04.07_09.01.21]

Marlin’s Verdict: At least it’s got nice costumes?

You can not imagine the kind of bloodlust we had for that little sister character from scene one. I was so wanting her to be a casualty, driving this MC to do whatever insanity makes him think he can date supernatural beings. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Instead, she turns from annoying to downright aggravating. By the way, can’t major character girls ever be middle of the pack in popularity? It always seems like either they’re Ms. “Everyone loves her” or “Who the fuck are you again?” The supposed popular girl doesn’t even have a very good character design. Either way, looks like another one for the dump pile.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 01 [0D301EFB].mkv_snapshot_01.20_[2013.04.07_08.55.47]

Lifesong’s Verdict: Maximum Cliche

Dating sim tropes the anime, at least that is what I expect it to be. The first episode throws our protagonist into the middle of crazy events before telling him that he has to seduce the supernatural power wrecking his world. The visual novel gags can be funny, but the characters themselves haven’t given us much reason to care about them yet. I am not sure if this anime is a magical girlfriend anime or if it’s more like World God and the protagonist has to date each girl to make her ghost move on. I am at least curious enough to find out what this is before I give up on it, but the first episode wasn’t particularly special.

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 01 [0D301EFB].mkv_snapshot_06.58_[2013.04.07_08.58.43]

3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Date A Live

  1. Wow, you guys were fools to ridicule this show after the first episode. The series picked up, especially in episode 3 and is probably among the best anime of the first half of 2013, at least in my opinion it is.

    • I actually finished and enjoyed this show I just never got around to writing about the last episode. It was pretty cool in the long run.

    • Because everyone has the exact same taste as you, am I right? That’s why we have multiple people on these First Impressions posts. Some of us like things that others don’t.

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