The Devil Is A Part Timer! Episode 2

Why are they just casually chatting

Recap: The Hero Emilia (now going as Emi) has found Maou but for now lacks the power to kill him. After following him for a few days and seeing the kind of life he leads, she proposes a deal.

Jel’s Thoughts: All throughout this episode I found myself on the verge of hitting the big red DROPPED button everyone here at the Glorio Blog has at their workstations. I’m really disappointed that with all the parts The Devil Is A Part Timer has working for it, THIS was the best scenario they could come up with. I still like the general direction of the plot with both sides at an uneasy standstill, but the characters themselves have simply fallen into the usual anime archetypes that don’t even fit their established backgrounds.

Someone explain why he needs to die

First of all, Maou himself is supposed to be some kind of evil satan devil lord and now he’s turned into the non-plussed, unlucky protagonist type. Basically, he’s a pretty stand up guy. Obviously he must have been pretty evil for Emilia to JUMP THROUGH DIMENSIONS to hunt him down and finish him off, and now not only is he living a clean, honest life, he’s ACTIVELY HELPING the person trying to MURDER HIM? I suppose you could argue the process of turning into and living as a human has softened him, but has it really been that long? Plus he’s already shown he still has his conquering instincts, so I’m just not buying it.

Then we get to Emilia, who in the course of one episode goes from this cool, powerful hero to stock tsundere love interest. I mean at one point she basically says “I-it’s not like I’m not killing you because I like you or anything!”. By the time we reach the end of the episode she’s just a helpless, crying mess balled up on the floor of the guy that only a few days earlier she was strong enough to kill with a kitchen knife. I don’t know if that’s supposed to make her more endearing or what, but much like Maou her character development just screamed weak and lazy on the writer’s part.

Really? A lost purse and she's a crying mess on the floor?

I suppose there was a bit of intrigue with the third-party assassination attempt on our two leads, and there was a certain heartfelt message to be found when Emi is offering her redemption plan to Maou. I’ll also admit this episode was a bit funnier than the first, particularly Maou’s strategy to conquer Japan by climbing the MgRonald’s corporate ladder. I guess my question is, why couldn’t it have just been about that? Did we really need all the demon king and hero dressing if they were just going to shoehorn the characters into their standard RomCom roles? Sure it wouldn’t have sounded as interesting on paper, but even setting it outside of school and developing a romance between two hard working adults (assuming they are supposed to be adults? I can’t tell) would have been enough with some decent writing.

Sadly, that is not the case, and I think the Devil Is A Part Timer is really going to have to play that fantasy card at some point to make anything interesting or unique out of this. Judging by next week’s preview we’re going to get more background on the busty loli who I didn’t even think was worth mentioning, so I’m not getting my hopes up. For now, I will just keep my hand hovering over that big red DROPPED button and we’ll see how it goes.


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