My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Episode 7


Recap: Hachiman is tricked by his sister to go on a group activity with the Service Club and a few of the members of the popular clique. While guiding some elementary schoolers on a trip, they find themselves preoccupied with a loner girl who’s been ousted by her group of friends.

Little kids can be mean. I guess this is the moral of this week? A bit slow since this is apparently a two-parter. It definitely seems like this was a case of an episode and change of material stretched out instead of scrunched in. Still, Hachiman was in pretty good form with his jokes. It’s kinda funny in a show self titled as a romantic comedy that its social commentary is its most common theme, with comedy second and romance a distant third, so it was nice to see some more of his dry wit.

The crux of this week’s problem is that a little girl has found herself ostracized. Normally this would make her a total victim, but there’s kinda a twist in that she admits to having done the same thing to other girls while in the same group. It seems this combined with a natural introverted personality basically resigned her to isolating herself. Probably the best insight the entire episode was when the Service Club went to talk to the girl and actually engage her, instead of use mindless pleasantries like Hayama tried to do.


I’m not sure why this is a problem that will take them an entire episode more to fix, but that would appear to be the hand we’ve been dealt. The teacher did imply that this was also supposed to be an exercise in integration for Hachiman and Yukino as they deal with the clashing personalities of the popular kids. Still, this was definitely a step up from last weeks episode, ironic since that was the one most fueled by romantic tension out of any of them. I suppose it’s a good thing that romance really is tertiary to the plot, seeing as I cannot imagine them actually resolving it by the end of this show’s run.

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