Spring 2013 Anime Shorts Episode 7

The legend will never die

It’s time for another round of Anime Shorts as we take a look at episode 6 of Aiura, Sparrow’s Hotel and Muromi-san. This week we have fake Jenga redux, hot blooded bathroom tiling, and inappropriate cucumber stroking.

Who's got two thumbs and wants snacks? THIS guy


Recap: KanaKana’s little brother is learning life lessons all over the place as the girls continue to hang out in his room.

Jel’s Thoughts: I don’t think a two-parter works particularly well with this format as Aiura seems at its best when it gets in, makes its point, and gets out. I suppose it was cute seeing the girls abuse adopt Souta like their own little brother, particularly when he fired up the game systems with Ayuko. Overall though I would have probably preferred we moved on to something else.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Oh the joys of having an annoying sister who can’t keep room clean. I have several myself so I can remember being in Souta’s position. I thought this was a cute episode. The part with the gaming console a nice way to end things.

One man's burning passion

Sparrow’s Hotel

Recap: The Hotel is undergoing renovations and Satou has an intense stand off with a passionate bathroom tile worker.

Jel’s Thoughts:  I have to wonder if this week’s complete overhaul of the series art style was actually a bit of meta humor as the hotel itself received some upgrades. It would kind of make sense but I’m not sure the writers are that clever. Billy the grizzled, hot blooded bathroom tiler was a nice return to show’s more absurd humor, but it’s really the art style change that has me on my toes now. I guess we’ll just have to see what the show looks like next week.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Want some hotblooded renovation that involves new and improved moe character eyes? Sparrow’s Hotel has what you “need”!

That might be wishful thinking


Recap: Muromi comes down with a cold and receives help from a legendary Kappa. Takurou is terrified of her old friend, but it’s possible he might just be a stand up guy.

Jel’s Thoughts: Hey, I actually know this one! Aside from the butt ball thing though, the Kappa legend was kind of irrelevant. This whole episode was just gloriously weird, from Muromi’s drug induced trip in the woods with her moe snake friend to the other mermaids committing questionable acts with cucumbers.

As always though, the madness stayed grounded with Takurou and Muromi’s weird but sweet relationship. His reactions to Muromi’s attempts to be sexy were pretty amusing – we often see mermaids romanticized as these beautiful, alluring creatures but if you REALLY think about it, having any kind of physical relationship with one would just be cold and scaly. That doesn’t mean the two can’t be close though, and I thought super manly Kappa dude’s begrudging, big brother like acceptance of Takurou was a sweet moment. Overall it was another week, another great episode of Muromi-san.

Quality stash

Lifesong’s Thoughts: This episode really dove off the deep end. Cucumber handjobs and mandrake mushroom drugs. Our manly Kappa fits into this cast pretty well and the way he rambles on about cucumbers was something I found funny given how quiet he is otherwise. I also loved the opening joke with Muromi trying to seduce Takurou. The impracticalities of romance between a mermaid and a human being the root of the joke. Of course I don’t think she really cares about those at all.

Marlin’s Thoughts: Once again the main characters are absolutely adorable. Much like the climax to that one Futurama episode, there’s a lot to be said about the complications of an intimate mammal/fish relationship, nomatter how much she looks right on the top half. I honestly find the way Takurou responded to that better than Fry’s. As for her trip to the forest, drug jokes are usually a pretty cheap laugh, but Muromi-san is just the kind of show for em as far as I’d say. I’ve been loving almost every new character the show has thrown us, but the Kappa has by far become my favorite non-mermaid side character, so I hope he comes back regularly.

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