Attack on Titan: Episode 7


Recap: Mikasa finally learns of Eren’s demise. Running low on gas, blades, and intact trainees, the remaining trainees rally together and attempt to retake the local headquarters to replenish their supplies.


Gee’s Thoughts:

Our heroes seem to be at an all-time low this week, with the majority of the vanguard dead, the Titans pouring in, and with them quickly running out of supplies, the rest of them will be Titan food soon enough. Luckily Mikasa is there to save them! Oh wait, Mikasa just learned of Eren’s death. Well so much for that. After what was probably the most depressing inspiring speech in recent history, Mikasa finally breaks down from the revelation. Thankfully we aren’t forced to watch her deal with it too long before the Titans show up to get the ball rolling again. Even if Mikasa basically lives solely for Eren’s sake, it’s always great to see those brutal instincts of hers kick in, even if it is accompanied by ham-fisted pomegranate-based visual metaphors.


As for our other recruits, the situation isn’t looking too hot either. With their low supplies, they need to break though the Titans that surround the HQ, replenish their supplies, and somehow repel the Titans for good, something the trained veterans of the vanguard completely failed to do. While not as well executed as in the manga, I love Jean’s scene in this episode. Jean has always been one of my favorite characters due to his brutal honesty and realistic expectations. Selfish to the point of redundancy, it’s great to see how the events of the defense of Trost mold and shape his worldview. And while some may accuse him of being cowardly for watching his comrades die, there really wasn’t much more he could do in that situation. They can’t afford to waste what few blades and gas they have left and they most certainly can’t afford to waste anymore lives, even if that means making the hard decision of leaving behind those who can no longer fend for themselves. It’s that kind of grimness that I love about Attack on Titan.


Speaking of Titans pushing the plot again, we witness a rather strange event this episode in the form of a Titan fighting another Titan. Dubbed the Rogue Titan, this one, similar to the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan, seems to display an almost human level of intelligence and awareness. Does this mean humanity finally stands a chance? Could humanity even manage to convince or control a Titan to work for them? However future events play out, the game has definitely changed.


Marlin’s Thoughts: Another episode, another big twist. I did feel it was good that Mikasa didn’t just come in and immediately make everything better. She’s still human, and in the end her emotions get the best of her. My favorite scene had to be when Armin asked for the short blade, hoping to end his life the next moment he was in danger. Instead, Mikasa throws it away. I’m not sure how much she really believes it herself, but it seems she’s slowly coming to grips with her situation. They have to find the fortitude to succeed or die. No easy outs. Unfortunately, that’s kinda just sidelined by the complete disruption that is the Rogue Titan. His presence is so startling it’s hard to even understand what’s happening at first. I’ve been wondering what makes Abberants so different, and I had an idea that maybe there’s a connection between those devoured and the titans. I’ve been told that this would be against the theme, but the Titans seem obviously supernatural. What if eating people is their way of reproduction, like a really weird zombie?

GeeIn addition, for everyone watching this, I’ve created a character guide for those having trouble remembering the loads and loads of characters this anime is going to introduce. While the anime doesn’t suffer from the sameface and rather poor early artwork that the manga did, I have a feeling it’ll still come in handy. I’ll continue to update it every week as new characters are introduced.



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