Majestic Prince: Episode 8


Recap: We get an entire episode of nothing but action as the Battle of Ceres rages.

Iro’s Thoughts:
There’s uh… not too much to say about this episode, actually. It’s one giant extended space battle, full of the typical turns you’d expect in a space battle. That commander guy continues to be a complete ass who sucks at any tactics whatsoever, and our heroes have to sortie much earlier than expected, along with Team Doberman. Of course, the sudden turn in the tide of battle is a signal for Jiart to head out and start tearing apart the humans.


What’s probably most interesting is that after Izuru splits off from the conflict to have a 1-on-1 with Jiart, Asagi manages to take command and act a very effective leader. It seemed odd to me that Izuru was assigned as the leader anyway (and the rest of the squad seems to enjoy taking this piss out of him), so it makes sense the oldest of the group would handle it. Everyone’s sudden burst of competence felt like it was basically saying, “Yeah, Izuru is a crap leader anyway”, which seems kind of contrary to how the plot has been developing so far. Although, with MJP‘s current track record, I hope they’ll spin it into some good conflict and characterization.

It is however nice to see that Izuru is not a moron. He essentially loses the duel with Jiart, but the alien doesn’t finish him off, seemingly surprised by how similar their forms are. Izuru gets the same reaction of course, and also immediately pieces together that the strange girl he met at the pool looks just like one of the Wulgaru. The whole moment is made more poignant by the group joking earlier in the episode that the aliens must be horrible tentacled monstrosities – I imagine a bit of conflict will be milked from the fact that the Wulgaru look exactly like humans, and I hope MJP can keep up being one of the better shows this season.


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