Chihayafuru 2 Episode 20


Recap: Chihaya is hurt, but she’s determined to play. Also, a lot of unnecessary recapping.

Geez, Chihayafuru. We just had a recap episode four weeks ago! There is no reason to be pulling this shit right now. The most offensive part of this semi-recap is that they literally used the same footage twice, which is the same footage they used last week, which is also the same footage they used two weeks ago when it had just happened. Needless to say, I’m not very happy. It doesn’t help that the only major development is what we knew all along, that Chihaya got injured. I guess it was a surprise to see her playing in the end. I’m really disappointed, personally. Chihaya should know she has no chance with her left hand, and even if she’s not using it there’s a chance she can put undue strain on it and hurt it further. This really isn’t a good test of her skills, so she doesn’t even have that excuse. Plus, if she loses in this first round, Nishida is right, they might talk badly of Mizusawa for it.


I have no idea where in the individual tournaments the anime is, mostly because for some reason there’s a 40-chapter hole in every site I’ve looked, but it seems there’s plenty of material to keep this show chugging along. It’s really disappointing to see how lazily this is being directed, it’s almost like someone decided to direct this like we’re watching the literal pacing of your average josei manga. Hopefully we’ll get into the action next game. I know I was wrong with my last prediction, but I cannot see this going well for Chihaya. Something tells me she’s going out early to become a viewpoint character for seeing how everyone else’s tournaments are going, much as she did last tournament.


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