Spring 2013 Anime Shorts Episode 8

The endless parade of reaction faces continues

It’s time for another round of Anime Shorts as we take a look at episode 8 of Aiura, Sparrow’s Hotel and Muromi-san. This week brings us an inspiring lack of ambition (or ambitious lack of inspiration?), siscon espionage, and light speed animal control.

Tenshi ni fureta yo


Recap: KanaKana wants the glory of being in a club (or even the Student Council) without doing any of the work.

Jel’s Thoughts: This was a simple but fun episode, sticking to the formula of KanaKana tossing out an idea, Yukon enabling her, and Saki shooting her down. It’s hard not to be amused by KanaKana’s passion for life, now if only she realized how little effort it apparently takes to join the light music club.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: The moral of this weeks story: You actually have to put in effort to earn a respected title. No K-On! here.

How is the art getting WORSE???

Sparrow’s Hotel

Recap: Yuu returns to the Hotel as a full time employee and is nearly murdered by Satou for being a spy. Her real mission is to keep an eye on the Manager at the request of her brother.

Jel’s Thoughts:  I guess the art style change stuck, other than that… another pretty dull episode. I don’t understand why they keep beating the Manager’s Brother is a Siscon angle to death. Maybe with Yuu as a potential adversary for Satou, things will get a little more interesting.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: How did this anime manage to look even worse than before? It’s almost impressive how Sparrows Hotel becomes more awful with every episode. Maybe my patience for this junk is simply gone? I am not sure.

All hail


Recap: Muromi gets jumped by a mob of penguins and needs Levia-san to bail her out. Takurou runs into a wild seal and tries to deal with the situation responsibly. Hii-chan befriends the super rare Coelacanths but that only drags up more bad memories for Muromi.

Jel’s Thoughts: This turned out to be just a collection of unrelated, shorter segments and kind of just re-tread territory we’ve covered already. It was cool to see Levia-san transform and I had my question as to how fast the mermaids can travel around the world answered. But the Coelacanth scene was pretty much the same idea as the dolphin incident, only considerably less funny. It was an amusing episode but I’d like to see us go somewhere new now. Yeti is back next week, apparently fighting some kind of Robo-bugs, so that has potential to be amazing.

Probably would have been more fun with Robo Muromi

Lifesong’s Thoughts: I thought the Coelacanth was pretty funny. The idea of a Hikikomori fish scared into becoming an endangered species by a heartbroken Muromi had just enough social satire to keep a smile on my face the entire time. Levia also managed to scared the shit out some penguins. Good times to be had all around here.

Marlin’s Thoughts: I swear, some guy fresh off a bachelors in biology must have just thrown his hands in the air and said “FUCK IT, I’M MAKING A GAG MANGA” because I have no explanation for this attention to detail, and how readily it subverts such details. If you didn’t know, Coelacanths are actually very close relatives to tetrapods, the modern day land dwellers. What you thought might just be another chance to make a joke about Muromi from back in the day. There is a slight time discrepancy here though, as nothing like the weird Plesiosaur-y thing Muromi used to date lived in the Devonian era.

Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I did think this episode could have done more than just tread old ground. The idea that everything wants to eat Muromi is kinda getting old, and the only reason that entire scene was saved was because there was a polar bear in Antarctica. The seal scene did have some good jokes as well, but overall this definitely coulda been better.

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