Attack on Titan: Episode 8


Recap: The recruits utilize the Rogue Titan’s rampage to successfully break into the regional headquarters. However, before they can replenish their supplies, they must clear out the Titans that are already inside the building.


Gee’s Thoughts:

Alright, we’re finally getting this Titan-bashing ball rolling! Our heroes, realizing the Rogue Titan doesn’t crave human flesh, decide to direct its berserker fury against the Titans assaulting the regional HQ, allowing then to successfully break through the Titans and replenish their supplies. A daring plan to be sure, and not one entirely without its casualties. In fact, I loved this episode’s focus on Jean and his struggle with leadership. Here’s a man, while selfish, is also intensely principled. He’s not a leader for the glory, he’s not even a leader just to save his own skin. Here’s a guy who wants nothing more than to survive, but wants to do everything he can to save his comrades, and then *nearly fails spectacularly* at it. Sure, all the named characters make it, but how many more recruits die at Jean’s hands? And how many more would have died were he not there? He’s taken upon himself a role no sane person wants, and does better than most others could ever hope.


This episode also features one of my favorite moments from the manga; the elevator scene. There’s something just immensely tense about the whole situation, especially considering that all of the characters in this scene are quite expendable, so chances of someone getting devoured during this scene was quite high. To see Armin’s excellent planning see our heroes through the day was exhilarating, even if Connie and Sasha nearly  met an early grave.


As for the rest of the episode, it was quite satisfying to finally see a force capable of going toe-to-toe with the Titans, and just like Mikasa’s description of the Rogue Titan as humanity’s rage personified, it’s intensely satisfying for us as well to see it smash through the Titans so easily. Speaking of our friend the Rogue Titan, turns out our friend Eren is alive and well. Come on guys, did any of you really think he would stay dead for long?

As crazy of a twist it was, I think Eren’s survival and his apparent Titan transformation ability leads to even greater mysteries. How did Eren manage such a feat? And if he can transform into a Titan, he can’t be the only one can he? We’ve already seen other Titans capable of human intelligence. If that’s truly the case, then why are these human/Titan hybrids trying to destroy humanity? I suppose in the end, this episode of Titan introduces more mysteries than it solves, but as a fan of the manga, it’s always been that way and I look forward to seeing humanity’s reaction to their newfound weapon/savior/scourge.


Marlin’s Thoughts: I think Titan has just gotten away with faking a character’s death with the most M. Night Shyamalan twist ever, and I think I actually like it. There is a lot that is unexplained in Titan, and honestly the more the intrigue grows for how things can happen in this world the more interesting it gets. This is definitely a fine line though, those too sensitive to crazy have already abandoned ship, and if they let this story get too outlandish they risk it getting more hammy than mysterious. With Eren’s limbs miraculously healed like he met Edward Elric or something, a lot of questions are going to be made over how he survived the Titan encounter. I know I have enough to bug Gee to his limit.


GeeIn addition, for everyone watching this, I’ve created a character guide for those having trouble remembering the loads and loads of characters this anime is going to introduce. While the anime doesn’t suffer from the sameface and rather poor early artwork that the manga did, I have a feeling it’ll still come in handy. I’ll continue to update it every week as new characters are introduced.



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