Lost and Found Volume 1: Real Anime Dating Advice


Welcome to the Lost and Found, our brand new convoluted question and answer segment where we tackle the most pressing issues from our past month’s search terms. Whether it’s a perfectly innocent inquiry about your favorite anime or a question that makes US question the depths of human depravity, we are here for YOU. In this edition we talk a little romance, a lot of Haganai, and somehow avoid any mention of SAO.

Tari Tari has romance?”

Short Answer: No, there’s really no romance in the story. Longer, Spoilerific Answer: In the last couple of episodes Badminton Guy figures out he has a thing for my beloved Sawa, and it’s implied he makes a move before she leaves. It’s also suggested they are some kind of an item by the end of the series, but much like the majority of Tari Tari none of that is important.

“What is a yaoi hole?”

YAOI stands for “Young Adult Outreach Initiative” which offers support for young adults who are out of school and/or unemployed. “YAOI Hole” is slang for the places they hold their meetings, for example, “Hey, let’s meet up at the YAOI Hole tonight and arrange some gay sex.” Go check it out, if you’re lucky you might meet a cute girl with a science degree.

“Best Anime Ever?”

Musashi Gundoh. NEXT QUESTION.

“Hyouka Blush”

Here you go:


“How to ask a perverted girl out”

For dating advice hit up @animedating on twitter, an account clearly run by someone who respects women and GAH I can’t even say that with a straight face. I’d say be honest and comfortable with yourself. Ladies love confidence.

“The giga ero kawaii”

Iro’s masterpiece can be found right here.

“Anime goddess evil girl use sword thunder attack style”

That’s… oddly specific. The closest thing I could find is this image of Claudette Vance from Queen’s Blade:


Gargantia where all the women wear revealing clothes”

Yup. That sounds like Gargantia.

“Best visual novels”

Believe it or not, iOS is the place for the best visual novels. I present this classic screenshot from Twilight Cherry, with no further comment:


Oreimo it’s not what it looks like”

Alright I admit I linked this video before but come on, this is perfect for the circumstances:

“Anime amusement park vomiting”

I believe you are looking for episode 4 of Haganai NEXT. Man, I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this picture:

“What are the best Kamen rider 2013”

I’m going to defer to Zigg on this one who had this to say: “Whichever one comes after Wizard, or alternatively, that awesome Figuarts of Double I got.”

“An anime where the main character can summon a demon sword”

Bleach? Or is that too obvious?

“Whats an anime that’s full of boobs?”

Manyuu Hikenchou. I’m not linking to anything related to that. NEXT QUESTION.

“Is Haganai really over?”

A lot of Haganai questions this month… OK I have not read the light novels but I will try and share what I know. The anime ends where the last published light novel ends (Volume 8), with Kodaka about to give his reply to Sena. The anime does add the bit where we see Yozora running off by herself in the final scene. Volume 8 refers to everything up until now as the “prologue” and notes the story will continue on as a “love comedy”. Unfortunately volume 9 has been delayed indefinitely, possibly due to the author’s illness, so hopefully that will all work out. But hey, in the meantime you can keep tabs on the live action movie, right?


Koi to senkyo chocolate body swap fanfiction”

It’s called Kokoro Connect.

Gargantia Is Boring”

But didn’t we just say all the women wear revealing clothes?


So that wraps up our first edition of Lost and Found. Feel free to comment with any of your own thoughts, corrections, or if you would like to tap into our limitless knowledge without the risk of going through your favorite search engine, your own questions for next time. See you next month!

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