Spring 2013 Anime Shorts Episode 10

Looks like a fun Thursday night to me

It’s time for another round of Anime Shorts as we take a look at episode 1o of Aiura, Sparrow’s Hotel and Muromi-san. This week delivers lab coat fetishes, ninja sleeping aids, and RELEASING THE KRAKEN.



Recap: Wakatsuki-sensei still does not understand clothes that are not school uniforms. Kanakana tries to sneak up on everyone to play “Guess Who?” but Saki is having none of that. The girls try to do what girls do and talk about love, but that doesn’t seem to pan out either.

Jel’s Thoughts: I am totally hooked on these little doses of Aiura’s easy going charm. You would think Kanakana’s repeated cries for attention would get annoying, but she’s just so enthusiastic it somehow becomes endearing. The bit at the end with the girls teasing Yukon in an attempt to talk about love was also surprisingly sweet. If anything I’d say I’ve seen enough of Wakatsuki-sensei insisting on dressing up as a student, but other than that this was another fun 3 minutes of anime.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: So much affection going around this episode. KanaKana takes that elbow drop only to learn a moment latter that physical violence like that is reserved specifically for her. Saki wouldn’t beat up any random person after all. The girls talk about love for a moment and tease Ayuko. Wakatasuki-sensei also teases the male teacher a bit…. At least I hope that was teasing. The teacher who can only wear school girl clothing gag is funny either way I guess. Why are 30 year old lolis so funny? I am again impressed by how much I enjoy this short.

You've just sentenced a man to death

Sparrow’s Hotel

Recap: A typhoon sweeps in to town, leaving the hotel guests holed up in their rooms for the night. Shiokawa is happy to cash in on all the guest services, but as always it’s up to Satou to keep the unruly customers in line.

Jel’s Thoughts: Pretty straightforward setup this week, but somehow I still kind of enjoyed it. Satou’s ninja skills are the best joke this show has, which was pretty much the punchline of the entire episode. Karate chopping a drunk dude into a sound sleep for the night? Just another evening at the Sparrow’s Hotel.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: I… damn it this episode actually made me crack a smile.

Figures the Kraken would be douchebag


Recap: Muromi meets a young girl in Malaysia who helps her with her hangover. She gives the girl a scale as a thank you gift. Yeti remembers when Muromi gave her a scale a symbol of their friendship… until Harpy finds it and eats it.

Jel’s Thoughts: From the opening bizarre non-sequitur dream sequence to the adorable conclusion with Yeti thanking Takurou, this was another great mix of humor and sweetness that we’ve pretty much come to expect from Muromi-san at this point. The joke with the Kraken being the jerk at the party no one wants to hang out with, as well as just the notion of all the mythical creatures getting together to get hammered at said party, was pretty hilarious. The look on the little girl’s face as Muromi carried on her very adult conversation about it was priceless. Probably the best bit was Yeti reaffirming her (his?) friendship with Muromi, which would pretty much produce an involuntary D’AWWWW out of anyone. As we get closer to the end of the series I do wonder how they’re going to tie a bow on all of this, but for now I’m just enjoying Muromi-san’s consistent greatness.

Those upgraded phones are pretty sweet

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Have I mentioned how much I love Muromi? Mythical creatures at a mixer with mermaids? Getting the Kraken smashed? I can’t even explain how much that kind of thing amuses me. Of course the real seller this episode is the touching moment between Muromi and Yeti. It was pretty obvious that it Muromi would give one of her scales to just about anyone, but it the way Yeti took care of it as proof of friendship was cute. You might be a Kraken Douchebag if Muromi rushing to cheer up Yeti didn’t get a dawwww out of you.

6 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Anime Shorts Episode 10

    • Unless you can tell me Yuyushiki got REALLY good, I’m not going back. Even if it averaged out to ‘decent’ I don’t think that would be enough to get me over how much I didn’t like the first episode.

      • なんつてつちゃた

        I thought it was standard procedure for the Glorio crew to go for 2 or 3 episodes before dropping stuff?

        Yuyushiki’s style of comedy grew on me. Finding the humour in everyday things and Wikipedia articles padded over with cuteness is a pretty devious way of learning about stuff like Pikachurin.

        • We try to cover the first episode of everything and if it catches our interest we’ll give a few more. I’d guess about a third of the shows each season end up in the recycle bin after one episode.

          Yeah sorry, that clip is just not doing anything for me. Maybe I’m just watching out of context? The thing with Aiura and Yuyushiki is they are on the surface both claiming to be shows about nothing, the difference being their definition of nothing. In Aiura it is the normal everyday activities and relationships of high school girls, which is ultimately SOMETHING when presented right. From what I can tell, Yuyushiki is more literally about nothing, random facts and what not, that are a really tough sell for me. I also prefer Aiura’s lovely, subdued direction and pacing so that has a lot to do with it as well.

      • Perhaps the biased feelings from the first episode are spilling over, such that you want to not enjoy it unconsciously? I can honestly say I look forward to every episode of Yuyushiki compared to Aiura despite negative feelings at first. In fact, it’s only behind Chihayafuru 2 in anime I look forward to watching every week.

    • I think it might be a bit late for me to get in on Yuyushiki at this point. While I can enjoy slice of life It’s not the sort of thing I can marathon easily. That and I still have several I would probably want watch first. I never finished season two of YuruYuri or Nichijou for example. Tamayura is another I feel like I should finish at some point. I enjoy slice of life in small doses. That is probably a big part of why I am enjoying Aiura so much. Sparrows Hotel is… I am really only watching that to add to this blog honestly.

      I will say that at least… that clip you posted did make me laugh. That joke was absolutely awful, but then that is clearly the point.

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