Spring 2013 Anime Shorts Episode 11

This show is pretty

It’s time for another round of Anime Shorts as we take a look at episode 11 of Aiura, Sparrow’s Hotel and Muromi-san. This week we have a high school girl’s bare legs, the most dangerous day off ever, and goddesses getting plastered on cheap booze in the parking lot of a convenience store.

I'm assuming most of the episode budget was spent animating this


Recap: It’s raining the day before Summer vacation and Saki doesn’t want to go to school. Kanakana coaxes her into it, only to find Yamashita-sensei doesn’t want to be there either.

Jel’s Thoughts: This week’s lesson in subtlety was the bit where we only see the two girls umbrellas as they walk. Saki remains fairly steady and stable while Kanakana can’t stop swishing back and forth and twirling her umbrella. How’s that for character development? Bonus points for more long pauses as well, particularly Kanakana staring at her shoe locker with her oversized rain boots. Considerably less subtle was the lovingly animated shot of Saki taking off her socks, detailed down to the marks on her legs where the top would pinch them. Yep, definitely a tech demo I can get behind.

Actual Day Off Not Pictured

Sparrow’s Hotel

Recap: Satou takes a day off and everyone freaks out.

Jel’s Thoughts: What happens when you take away the star of your show? Nothing apparently. Pretty dull episode but I guess that was the point. Yuu’s enthusiasm to take Satou’s place instantly going out the window and Satou talking about smoke signals was amusing, but the weirdest thing was the tinge of sadness I got when the preview announced next week is the last episode. Where did that come from?

When Levia-san says stay and drink, you stay and drink


Recap: Takurou runs into Otohime working at another part time job and learns just how strong her convictions are. With a little help from Levia-san, she almost patches up her differences with Muromi.

Jel’s Thoughts: The Otohime episode was one of Muromi-san’s weaker moments, but the plot line fares a little better this time. It actually wasn’t very funny, but instead kind of sweet as Takurou and Levia-san helped patch things up. The bit when Takurou buys a second popsicle and gives it to Otohime was actually pretty poignant without feeling forced or too serious. I suppose it was kind of funny that her former underwater palace was apparently some kind of mythical casino, but it also worked since that seems like exactly the kind of place Muromi would hang out. Of more interest is next week’s finale, which apparently has something to do with all different kinds of love. The preview sure had more of the mermaid with big boobs than I’d care to see, but that has all kinds of potential to deliver the hilarious and sweet ending Muromi-san deserves.

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