Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Episode 11


Recap: With Melda Ditz left stranded on the Yamato, the crew must decide what to do with their newfound prisoner.

Gee’s Thoughts: 

After last week’s tense encounter, we’re treated to another relatively relaxed episode. This time, the Yamato crew must decide what to do with Melda, the stranded Gamilan pilot. While Kodai advocates speaking to her on even terms, other members of the crew, such as Shima and Akira, demand stricter terms. In the end, Captain Okita continues to be a resounding voice of stoicism and reason, assigning Kodai to Melda’s interrogation.

In addition, we get a brief glimpse of Domel, likely to be the Yamato’s next pursuer by the looks of things. This time, it looks like we’re getting the honorable “noble demon” type of villain, looking for his worthy opponent. That combined with the rest of this episode seems to really want to hammer home the point that the Gamilans, like humanity, are a people of many creeds, backgrounds, and personalities.


Overall, I liked this episode, even if it was relatively light on content. We got to see more interaction between humans and Gamilans, and it gives a decidedly new take on the conflict, what with Melda claiming that humanity attacked first, triggering the war. In fact, with Yamazaki confirming this fact in his confession to Shima, it only complicates things even more. This is particularly salient, since even Shima’s father, a man who believed in peaceful relations with the aliens, was forced to attack them on government order.

While Shima has decided to refuse acknowledging this reveal (for now), it does lead to the troubling question of why humanity attacked first and even if the Gamilan’s tactics are brutal, whether humanity didn’t warrant it in some form or another. Captain Okita, who witnessed the event, is well aware of this and it’ll be interesting to see if this information doesn’t eventually become public knowledge on the ship, and how it might affect things.


In the end, the crew decides to do the honorable thing and release Melda, allowing her to make her way back to a nearby Gamilan outpost. Now whether this will come back to haunt the Yamato or not remains to be seen, but Melda seems to be the kind of person who respects honor. It’s a shame, I was kinda hoping Melda would stick around, but ah well, the adventures of the Yamato continue on.

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