First Impressions: Brothers Conflict


Alternate titles: BROCON, My Older Brothers Can’t Be This Creepy!
Visual novel adaptation by Brains Base
Currently unlicensed

Premise: A young girl decides to move in with her 13 step brothers. They are very pretty. That’s pretty much the entire plot.

That's not how hugs work

Jel’s Verdict: My Onii-chan Harem Is Wrong As I Expected

With a name like BROCON, I must admit I did not have very high expectations for this, and yet somehow it managed to be even worse than I imagined. This wasn’t so much an episode of a television show as it was a sequence of scenes that acted as an excuse for various men to flirt with and tease their considerably younger step sister. It’s boring, pointless, and downright creepy; and I’m not even going to mention the talking chinchilla squirrel. I’m all for hot guys and bright colors and sparkles and what not — it’s certainly only fair considering how much anime caters to the lonely male demographic — but just as those shows are awful when they try too hard to cater to their audience, it’s pretty much the same case here. Just go watch Free!.

There's 10 more where that came from

Lifesong’s Verdict: Incredibly Bad

Infodump the Squirrel introduces us to a bunch of creepy dudes who have adopted our protagonist to become their harem master. There might be a decent wish fullfilment fantasy for someone in the original story, but everything about this adaptation is just awful. I used to think that otome game anime adaptations were pretty bad, but until now I hadn’t seen the full scope of bad and what that is capable of meaning. For one example, I think they may have forgotten to hire a director. There is one scene where the camera literally pans over a blank ceiling for a portion of time. By the way, what is up with the magical squirrel? Ah well, I am out of here. I can’t say I am going to lose any sleep over this, but I do feel bad for any of the ladies who may have been looking forward to watching it. Apparently your otome game adaptations are just destined to be really, really bad.

4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Brothers Conflict

  1. Wait… are you still watching it? For the sake of your sanity I hope not. We make ourselves watch everything, it is probably not something I would highly recommend of others.

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