First Impressions: A Sunday Without God


Alternate titles: Kami-sama no inai nichiyoubi
Light novel adaptation by Madehouse
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: A young girl living in a world abandoned by god and raised as a graver keeper discovers that everything she knows may be a lie. When a man comes to town and kills everyone she knows she is forced to bury their brutalized corpses and left without a home.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Interesting Concept

The ideas at work here are pretty neat. Basically god gave up on the world and the only way people can die and rest in peace is if they are buried by a grave keeper. This story seems to take place on a post apocalyptic earth. Different levels of science and magic blend together in the OP in a way that leaves me intrigued. I am interested to see where this goes. So far my verdict is out, but this first episode was enjoyably bizarre. I am hoping for the best.


Jel’s Verdict: Working In Mysterious Ways

I must say this is a pretty fascinating take on a post-apocalyptic setting, going for the more spiritual route than simple mass destruction. I really liked the sense of scale and cinematic look as well, the presentation seemed very appropriate for the subject material. That being said, we were definitely left with a lot more questions than answers, both in how the rules of how people can or cannot die work and just where the story is heading in general. I was half expecting to find out that the Gravekeepers are a lie to cover up the fact that they are murderers or something, and I would not rule that out as a reveal after a couple episodes.

Regardless of what it is, I get the impression the writer is deliberately trying to hide something and that does hold out a certain amount of promise for the story. I am just not totally confident this won’t break down into a total nonsensical mess of anime clichés, especially after seeing the pretty, colorful, buckled and zippered cast in the ED. I will probably skip out on this one, but I would be willing to come back if it gets some positive buzz later on.


Iro’s Verdict: Don’t Bury It Yet

A genuine twist on zombies? How long has it been? I’m pleasantly intrigued by what we’ve been shown so far, but it’s also not enough for me to make a complete opinion. I quite like the idea of magic being the only way to have souls pass on, despite the morbidity of the concept. I’ll keep watching for a while, and see where this goes – it might end up being one of the better shows this season.

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