First Impressions: Blood Lad

Blood Lad First Impressions

Manga adaptation by Brains Base
Simulcast on Viz Anime/Hulu

Premise: Staz is a vampire, a district boss of the underworld, and huge otaku obsessed with the human world. When a human girl is killed after wandering into his territory, he vows to bring her back to life with her ghost in tow.

Typical human fashion

Jel’s Verdict: Fun Transfusion

Blood Lad has a lot of good things going for it. I love confident main characters, and while Staz is an otaku he wears his strengths and weaknesses on his sleeve. The premise and sense of humor is a perfect setup for a dumb comedy with heart, which is pretty much my favorite thing. There’s even a bit of a black edge to it, particularly the bits with Staz casually walking around with Fuyumi’s skull, bearing the same confused airheaded expression as its former owner. Bonus points too for the heavily stylized manga look. The scratchy lines, visible onomatopoeia, and appropriately bright but decaying color palette do a perfect job of masking what appears to be a limited budget.

Really the only thing I didn’t like was how quickly Staz’s treatment of Fuyumi changed after she died. It kind of felt like a cop out just to put an unnecessary obstacle in their relationship, as if there wasn’t already enough. I was kind of hoping for a Spice and Wolf (or even Muromi-san, yeah I said it!) implied friendship or romance adventure, but I suppose there’s still time to go that route. The only other concern is this episode was clearly a prologue and felt incomplete. I think Blood Lad has yet to really play its hand and I’m hoping as our unlikely duo enter the human world we’re going to get a better picture of what the show has to offer.

Who needs context

Lifesong’s Verdict: Wacky Fun

This anime feels kind of like a shonen battle manga and for once I am totally okay with that. Most of the gags didn’t make me laugh, but I managed to enjoy the episode anyway. The FF Joke was the best of the lot. The otaku vampire and ghost girl dynamic was amusing enough to keep my attention. It was a bit disappointing to see how quickly the protagonist lost interest in her once she died, but he seems dedicated to fixing the whole death issue. I had fun and and I’ll be giving this show a few more episodes at the very least.

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