Best of Summer Wonder Festival 2013


It’s August again, and another Summer Wonder Festival has come and gone bringing a flood of new announcements and a sea of broke wallets in it’s wake. Join us as we sort through the chaos and bring you the cream of the convention crop with our top figure picks from this seasons Wonfest.

Jel’s Picks

Senjougahara HItagi (Nisemonogatari) Kotobukiya


Jel’s Thoughts: Given the implications of the handcuffs (and the bottle of water if you’ve seen Nisemonogatari) I had no intention of wanting this figure when it was first teased, but seeing the full sculpt is another matter altogether. Senjougahara looks perfect here, from her expression to her pose, to the detailed rubble propping up her chair. I also love the idea of seeing the monogatari girls in other outfits aside from their highly recognizable pink and purple uniforms. I am still going to hold out for my short hair Winter outfit Hitagi, but seeing this painted may be too tempting.

Nendoroid Haruka Kotoura (Kotoura-san) Good Smile Company


Jel’s Thoughts: This is by far the most boring thing we’ve ever featured in our figure coverage, but I fully intend on buying it. For me, the best part of figure collecting is being able to see them and recall the good memories of whatever series or game they were attached to. Nendoroids especially are great for that, and so I’d love to have Haruka in my collection. That being said, I do hope she comes with some kind of interesting accessories to make the package more appealing. I can already think of half a dozen amusing extra faces, but maybe a pink imaginary background? How about a Manabe mini figure? I’m sure they’ll think of something.

Zigg’s Picks

G.E.M. Aladdin and G.E.M. Morgiana (Magi)


escape_rope1375220112 -OJ-1375025523

Zigg’s Thoughts: I loved Magi and I’m thrilled we’re finally getting great looking scaled figures of the cast. I’m particularly thrilled that they’ve chosen to begin with Aladdin, because we always need more male figures and because he and his MC Hammer parachute pants are super adorable. I’d probably have preferred a ‘vanilla’ Morgiana to begin with but her dance outfit is way more dramatic and Megahouse look to have nailed a pose full of life and vitality. I’ve never considered Megahouse among the upper tier of figure makers but I’m really hoping they nail these so I’ve got no excuses.

Lifesong’s Picks

Asuna (Sword Art Online)

Max Factory


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Max Factory’s Asuna is just lovely. Even without the paint her expression is perfect. Max Factory really nailed the whole exhausted bondage look. I am sure this figure is probably offensive to someone, but I love how well made it and I can’t wait to see her painted.

Yagami Tsurugi (Sasami-san@Ganbaranai)

Max Factory


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Max Factory is just what this Wonfes is all about for me. I am very much surprised to see Tsurugi getting a figure at all, but this rendition is incredibly cute. I assume she those boxes on her cushion are actually eroge or something else equally not so innocent, but I am okay with that. Like Asuna, I can’t wait to see her painted.

Timmy’s Picks

Hayate Yagami (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS) Alter


Timmy’s Thoughts: I adore my bikini clad Nanoha and Fate, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Hayate as one of my picks. She looks great and I am glad Alter decided to keep the hat and the handbag from the source artwork. Hopefully she doesn’t look too different from the other two with that tie top and those daisy dukes but that is something we will know with time and a fresh coat of paint.

Sonico (Nitro Super Sonic) Alter


Timmy’s Thoughs: Whats this? Another Alter swimsuit figure? You bet your ass. I had already made it known that I am a pretty big fan of Sonico last winter with Gift’s Tiger Parka version of her (which is looking fantastic) but up till this point out of all her bikini clad and panty exposing figures, no one has made one that I really like. She tends to be squeezed in something much too small for her or given an overly sexy, almost tacky pose. Thankfully Alter seems to know that I love Sonico because she is cute, not because she is sexy. Sure she still has lots of sex appeal here, but it is a bit more subtle and less in your face. Her large breasts no doubt look a lot better in something that isn’t trying to squeeze the life out of them as well. The best part of the figure is by far her cute face though, and I definitely look forward to seeing it painted along with the rest of her.

Marlin’s Picks

Elf (Dragon’s Crown) Megahouse


Marlin’s Thoughts: Just like the game, this sculpt is absolutely beautiful. The pose has so much grace which goes great with Elf’s character. I already called dibs on Elf amongst the Glorio Crew and can’t wait to play her. Obviously I’m not really one of the figure guys, but damn, this is tempting.

Elizabeth (Persona 4 Arena) Ques Q


Marlin’s  Thoughts: This Elizabeth really captured everything there is to have to fight one in a ranked match. She’s just standing there, casually throwing out a death card while wearing the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen. I love the detail in the book, card, and dress with all the little wrinkles where her body bends. Definitely a must-have for any Persona fan.

Gee’s Picks

Aigis Nendoroid (Persona 4) Good Smile Company


Gee’s Thoughts: I like Aigis, I like robot girls, I like things that won’t punch a gaping hole in my wallet. Naturally this Nendo is quite appealing to me. They’ve always had quite a charm to them and by the looks of things, Aigis is shaping up to be no different. Don’t know if she’ll end up including the multitude of accessories some of their past releases have had, but of everything I’ve seen, this is the one thing I’ll most realistically end up buying.

Labrys (Persona 4 Arena) Alter


Gee’s Thoughts: I said I liked robot girls didn’t I? Well I also love ponytails, giant axes, and Brooklyn accents. There’s no way around it, like Alter’s past work, this figure is gorgeous. Without the paint, it’s even easier to really appreciate the detail of the sculpt, whether it be the wrinkles of the skirt, the seams of her shirt, or the way her hair flows. I’ll also probably never buy it. I’m not much of a figure guy and I already spend enough money on my other frivolous hobbies. But hey, it sure is pretty to look at.

Iro’s Picks

Archer Figma (Fate/Stay Night) Max Factory


Iro’s Thoughts:  Wait, I have to add something too? Uhhhhhhh sure, let’s go with the thing from Fate/Stay Night, yeah… So the thing about Archer is that he has the potential to come with about a billion accessories. He has his yin-yang swords, Kanshou and Bakuya, which he frequently uses in multiples (and which have a fancy super-version for his special technique); a bow (since he is an Archer); Caladbolg and Hrunting, his most commonly used “arrows”; and Rho Aias, a giant glowy energy shield. And that’s not even counting the potential of a full-on Unlimited Blade Works setpiece. Alas, I doubt this figure will come with even half of that…

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