Majestic Prince: Episode 17 and 18


Recap:  The Wulgaru are attacking the space academy on Earth directly, and Team Rabbits are the only ones who can stop them!

Iro’s Thoughts:
Action, action, action! These two episodes are just one giant battle, ranging from space above Earth to the Academy grounds, and as a result there’s not a lot to talk about other than how great the action was. And it was! The tension ramps up well in the first episode, and we get the full launch sequence of the AHSMB units. They also acknowledge the difficulty of atmospheric reentry, with Red and Blue basically surfing on Rose with its superior shields to cut off the Wulgaru before they destroy the academy. Gold gets a hilariously huge rail cannon attached, and then the game is on to blast the enemy commander with it.

In typical fashion, they miss by a hair, and the entire front half of the first episode is an amazing two-on-one close-quarters fight as Suruga charges up for another shot. Every member of the team rises to the occasion and they (of course) manage to win, but all five units are blown to hell. I guess it’s really convenient plot-wise that the Wulgaru are deciding not to press the attack immediately, right? Anyway, the back half of the episode is a bunch of political stuff involving the Wulgaru and warring internal factions, ending up with Jiart blowing up one of those other guys. I assume next week will be a breather of sorts after two straight episodes of robot action.


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