Incoherent Babble Episode 13: Gaming bonanza edition


With the new anime season bearing down on us, Zigg, Marlin, Aqua, Iro and Life clubbed together to talk a hell of a lot about videogames (and pour one out for Hiroshi Yamauchi) before breaking down each show we plan to cover here on the blog while Zigg says “we’ll wait and see” far too much.

Jump into it here, and look after the break for notes

1:30 – Iro waxes lyrical about Fire Emblem: Awakening and Marlin joins in with some thoughts on some earlier Fire Emblems. Then Zigg and Aqua each have a Kingdom Hearts title to talk about, with Zigg bringing HD 1.5 Remix and Aqua opting for Dream Drop Distance. Life has some bounce in his step as he focuses on Senran Kagura.

24:12 – The news too is mostly gaming related, led off by the sad passing of Hiroshi Yamauchi before diverging into Vita TV, Blazblue stage shows and how Persona 5 is DOOOOOOOOOOMED.

37:50 – It’s a show by show breakdown of the new anime season as the crew discuss what’s hot, what’s not, and what could be so bad it’s good.

Music used this episode: ‘Fire Emblem Main Theme (Awakening version)’ by  Yuka Tsujiyoko arr. Hiroki Morishita and Rei Kondoh, ‘Traverse Town’ by Yoko Shimomura, ‘Simple and Clean’ by Utada Hikaru. Picture by Tuqi.

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