First Impressions: Infinite Stratos 2

Infinite Stratos First Impressions

Light Novel Adaptation by 8-Bit
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: Still living and training at an all girls academy, Ichika and his harem return to… do whatever it is they do. Something with robot suits? I’ll let you know the premise when the show decides to have one.

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Jel’s Verdict: Endless Banality

I did not like the first season of Infinite Stratos, but it was at least competently made. So it was almost stunning how little effort went into shaping the events of the second season premiere into some kind of episode. It kicks off with a completely out of context battle with Ichika and his sister and then proceeds to jump from random scene to random scene. While I am all for the shameless pairing of fan favorites Laura and Charlotte, even their date skipped around with no transitions whatsoever. One minute they are licking crepe cream off of each others faces and BOOM suddenly they are in Charlotte’s bed dressing up in cat “pajamas”… wait what was I complaining about? FOCUS JEL, FOCUS!

The few attempts to hint at a serious, underlying plot are completely undermined by what is essentially a trailer for the upcoming Summer vacation OVA being passed off as a scene in the episode. Short of the Total Eclipse recap episode hyping a new OP song, it might have been the laziest promotion I’ve ever seen in an anime. On top of that, I was reminded how much I LOATHE Ichika, who is incredibly dumb even by harem protagonist standards. If there’s any positive to be had it’s his near non-presence this episode, but he still finds time to stay oblivious to the girls hurling themselves at him. I’d love to keep covering this for laughs, but even I have my limits for how much I’m willing to put up with.

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Lifesong’s Verdict: Charlotte X Laura OTP

So first of all I need to be honest. I tried to watch season one of IS four or five times without success. I don’t have any major issues with harem anime, but the dense protagonist just left me feeling like my brain was seeping out of my head. There were two things I liked about season one. Laura and Charlotte. Judging from this first episode I’m not alone in that! The entire thing is those two hanging out. Jel tells me this is a trap and I’m inclined to think he is right, but it’s a nice trap none the less.

10 thoughts on “First Impressions: Infinite Stratos 2

  1. Jel, you don’t know anything, I’m not gonna say your wrong though, because it’s your opinion. But let me tell you you’re gonna feel stupid at some point in the future.

    I do think Ichika is more oblivious than dense, all he’s really doing is trying to be a good friend, and it’s not his fault the girls are in love with him, yet you guys are acting like it is and you want him to go from friend to lover in a quarter of a second.

    • Is there a difference between oblivious and dense? I’m not sure what you mean by that as I would use either word interchangeably to define him.

    • I could care less if Ichika ever hooks up with any of the girls, I just find it hard to believe that he hasn’t figured out they’re all in love with him. Call it whatever you want, it’s just artificially postponing any kind of progress.

      I do worry they could say he knew all along at some point, but then would he really be a nice guy if he did things like handing out Laura’s invitation right in front of her?

  2. Lifesong, you don’t know anything and I will say you are wrong because it is factual truth: Laura X Charlotte is the OTP.

  3. If you want a decent anime which makes no qualms about nakedness, I do recommend Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai. The story is actually rather good, in a “I am actually interested in the plot than the fanservice like Game of Thrones” sort of way.

    Madoka have mercy on my soul.

    • Did the story actually have a decent ending? I watched a few episodes of it and I did like it, but some friends said the ending was shit so I never finished it out.

      Honestly, the biggest thing I remember about the anime is that Lisara is probably the hottest anime chick in, ever… >_> I SAID IT. If I never write for this blog again I apologize now to anyone who might actually like my blogging…(please don’t fire me?)

      • I don’t know what your friends thought about it, but I certainly liked the second half of the series. In fact, it made the entire first half worth watching.

        You know how anime has a tendency to not change things and stick to the status quo? This had a “oh shit they actually let Vulcan get destroyed by the blackhole” moment. I have to commend them at the very least for doing that. I should probably check out more mature rated anime if this is what I am missing.

    • I think what you are talking about is actually pretty common in the more mature stuff. They have less to gain from promises they don’t keep and more to lose, unlike say shonen or shoujo stuff which has a cliche way out of everything.(All of which still work to some degree) Freezing season 2 is a good example a mature show with a story that goes interesting places and actually delivers on the story.

      I’ll need to go back and watch the rest of Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai. I’ve seen the first 7 episodes and never really planned to drop it honestly, it just kind of happened. It would be nice if the show were streaming somewhere convenient.

      • You do have a good point there. I think I like the frankness of it (yeah naked people, so what) which works to their advantage because there is an actual plot. It’s on Crunchyroll. The censorship though, is more distracting than anything else really.

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