First Impressions: Gingitsune



Alternate Titles: Silver Fox
Manga adaptation by Diomedea
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: After the death of her mother, Makoto meets Gintaro, a messenger to the gods, and is told that she is the next Oracle. Now Makoto is in high school, and likes using Gintaro to help people with small problems.


Marlin’s Verdict: Cute and Relaxing.

Gingitsune doesn’t push any boundaries, but that’s fine. That isn’t what it’s here for. Instead, it gives us a nice snippet of the life between this girl and her god. Even with the somber opening of the funeral of Makoto’s mother, the scene ends adorably as Gintaro appears to the young Makoto. With stakes like “How do I fix the fight I had with my boyrfriend?” and “Our cat went missing!” it seems like Gingitsune is going to take us on a very easy stroll. The relationship between the two is adorable and really drives the story even if there isn’t much actually happening. It’s been a while since I let a slice of life tell me a story instead of tell me a joke, and I think I’ll continue to let it do so.


Lifesong’s Verdict: Kid Friendly

Honestly this felt like a cute anime movie for kids condensed into a TV anime’s time frame. I kind of liked it, it was a fun little detour from all the other anime I’ve been watching this season.


Iro’s Verdict: Family Film

If this had been 90 minutes long and had a larger budget, it would be a decent movie. The characters are all cute in that simple, rural sense, almost like a Ghibli film, and the conflicts are all personal and mundane in nature. It was a nice break from the action and explosions, but it’s worth noting that Gingitsune did almost put me to sleep. That can be a good or bad thing, but in this particular case I’m leaning towards good.

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