First Impressions: MEGANEBU!


Alternate titles: Glasses Club
Drama CD Adaptation by Studio DEEN
Simulcast on Crunchyroll

Premise: A bunch of glasses-wearing guys are in the Glasses Club, trying to make x-ray specs to ogle girls.

Iro’s Verdict: Poor Prescription

I don’t know why this exists; why adapt a Drama CD of all things when there are so many better things to adapt? In any case, Meganebu!‘s lack of budget shines through even the most bombastic directing, with still shots and text bubbles popping up everywhere. The jokes were unfunny, the plot was embarrassing, and the characters are all single-note with no nuance. Even if that’s what I wanted, I wouldn’t watch this. Give it a pass.


Marlin’s Verdict: Style in Vain

You can tell that whoever is directing this took one look at the source material and tried his damnedest to spice it up with every visual flare he could imagine. Unnatural colors are splashed everywhere and there’s enough polka-dots as to make you wonder if the show takes place in a fabric store instead of a high school. All this effort, unfortunately, is very haphazard and only serves to hurt the eyes. The plot wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but it was nothing great. The characters also are the most two-dimensional yaoi stereotypes outside of a full on porno, and really drag the whole thing down. This was never meant for us, but man, there has to be such a thing as a fujoshi-bait show with a plot right?


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