Beyond the Boundary Episode 3


Recap: Akihito continues to investigate into Mirai’s past to understand why she doesn’t want his help. While every Warrior has been called to stand down in the wake of the Hollow Shadow, Mirai goes out to fight it on her own.

Like Kill la Kill, I won’t mind if light-hearted jokes followed by intense action are the norm for this show. Mirai is cute enough to carry a lot on her own, and while these weren’t the greatest jokes in the world they kept me with it. These people have lives outside of the Youmu and so I don’t think it’s a disservice to the show to let us see that. I do wish they would make Mirai look less pathetic in these scenes. With all the acrobatics she pulls off while fighting, making her seem incompetent in other ways just makes the dissociation in her character that much worse.

I do still think the biggest weakness of this show is its dialogue. While the sight gags were funny, that was really all I enjoyed out of any of the interactions between Akihito and the Nase family. Having Hiromi be a siscon didn’t really help things, and all the action sequences in the world can’t undo the damage that’s been done to his character so far. Mitsuki was better, more of an infodump and only a little bit of weird flirting. Still, when the best appearance by a character is a fantasy of her, you know something could be improved. I did like the attempt to stop Mirai from leaving. She obviously has baggage she needs to sort out, and she just doesn’t trust Akihito enough to let him share it.


I was honestly surprised that the Hollow Shadow was making an appearance this soon. The way they described it made it seem like a Walpurgisnacht-level threat, and having our heroes go out into so soon just seemed a bit rushed. The introduction of Sakura also seems a bit ill timed. We have no idea who she is outside of assuming some association with Yui. This fight was cool, but there was no investment behind it. Hopefully we’ll learn a bit more next episode and finally see Akihito in action. There must be something more to him that is the real reason he has so many Spirit World Warriors keeping tabs.


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Well I certainty wasn’t expecting to be reminded of Gears of War, but that Sakura chick certainly did the trick. Mirai’s desire for atonement is understandable, but it honestly seems more like a desire for suicide than revenge. Akihito is having none of that though and the way this will all play out seems obvious enough. I wonder what twists they have in store for us with the big fight?

I’m curious about this Sakura girl. She came into the episode like she jumped right out of gears of war started kicking ass. One this is clear, she has a grudge against Mirai that is greater than he desire to fight this Youkai, that or she doesn’t want to deal with possessed blood magic which is a legitimate worry at the moment.


Looking forward to next week We know that Akihito gets possessed and stabbed, but is that really all there is too it? I hope KyoAni at least has a cool fight scene in store for us if it is. I suspect they will and assume this will be the end of the first light novel. I want to see KyoAni bring their best. This will be the rest test of what they can do with this series I think.

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