NouCome Episode 2


Recap: Kanade gets sent on a mission from Gahd.

I can see an audience here, but the comedy just isn’t up to snuff for me. The stuff with god was pretty funny, but there’s only so many ways you can spin that gag before it gets old. That’s the exact feeling I got from Kanade’s latest public Absolute Choice. We get how it works already, and having him do stupid shit for the sake of showing “Hey look at how silly this is.” is really not the best way to get a response out of me. I also absolutely hate that gag of someone getting an answer they’re not expecting and then having to shout their lungs out like they think the other person has a hearing problem. They just kept doing it over and over and if it wasn’t funny the first time it’s not gonna be funny the third time.


If there’s one thing that’s positive is that Chocolat’s costume design is really pretty. While the art sometimes doesn’t give it due diligence, when it does it looks absolutely gorgeous. It was pretty obvious in the first episode, but with the reveal that the teacher also exhibits Absolute Choice, it would be without saying that the rest of our cast is similarly afflicted. I am giving this show one more chance with this rooftop scene, but if it doesn’t pick up I’m leaving it where it lies.

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