Little Busters Refrain: Episode 3


Recap: Riki keeps repeating the same day over and over. The seasons change but the day stays the same. He confronts Kurugaya who tells him that it was her wish…


Lifesong’s Thoughts: Kurugaya’s route ends here? The loss of memories feels like the death of a character to me and I’m not sure how intentional that is. I wonder what happens on June 21 first? I’m a bit anxious to find out what it was Kurugaya wanted to avoid so strongly. I think this might be the first arc where I felt engaged from start to finish, assuming it’s done anyway, but it sure seems like Kurugaya said her final farewell to Riki.

So many subtle details in the animation… is this really JC Staff? My hat is off to them, for the first time I feel like JC is making a Key story that stands up on it’s own without needing to be compared to KyoAni. What I mean by that is that I actually like the way JC Staff are handling this show now and I wouldn’t want to see it handed off to anyone else, not if they can keep up the level of emotion they put into episodes one through three. KyoAni has probably already reached the pinnacle of what they can do with a Key story, so seeing JC at their best with Little Busters is something I can appreciate.


Looking forward we have the dreaded June 21st, or well I am dreading it anyway. I think it’s safe to say that Rin is the main heroine of Little Busters. I knew that before the visual novel was ever translated so it can’t be too much of a secret. I’m not sure how well Riki and Rin will work as a romantic pair. So far their friendship has been brought up over and over, but do they really have a dynamic that can work as a romance?

Also, what’s up with Kyouske? And what significance does he have to the overall story? I’ve been wondering these things since season one, I wonder if we will get some answers soon?

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